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Cyclist In Distress

Cyclist In Distress
Juliette rides with her bicycle along a forest path. Suddenly she sees a man who apparently has a breakdown. She asks if she can help him. A fatal mistake. The man overpowered her, rips her T-shirt from her body and ties her up with handcuffs. Then he forces her to walk through the woods. Juliette's hands are tied on her back during the walk. Juliette has to run to a clearing in the forest. There foot chains are created to her. She can not run away anymore so. Juliette has to kneel down. The man gets his cock out of his pants. Now the defenseless girl must do a blowjob to the man . She felt a strong disgust, but bound as she is she can not resist it. Juliette is forced to blow. Finally, the man injects his sperm into her mouth. Juliette is choking and the sperm runs out of her mouth. The man tells her to stand up. Then Juliette must, tied as she is, run to a tree. This is not easy with chains between the feet. She is tied to the tree. In addition, she gets also a ball gag. So the man leaves Juliette. Maybe someone would like to use the poor girl once again......

Cyclist In Distress Cyclist In Distress Cyclist In Distress

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