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Do not hire strangers

Do not hire strangers
Do not hire strangers Do not hire strangers Do not hire strangers

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#1 wrote: Tany (25 December 2014 13:20)
Hi Ruth, Glad to see you back with creative wtiring.I am a divorced male and I have no desire to ever get married again, nor do I wish to live with someone.I am perfectly happy living by myself, as I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. No more debating what to do.I am 82 now and when I look back I should never have got married in the first place as I love to mov e my abode constantly, and hate living in one place.Shortly I will once again travel around Australia with a camper trailer, a week here, and a week there.I resented being married with children as I was stuck in Australia, in reality I wanted to go back to Europe and live in France, my favourite country.In general I think women want something they can't have, like family, relatives and security.In fact the best life is insecure and with never knowing what will happen next, because this makes life interesting.The Western worlds men and women are very unhappy, far too much security. I admire those souls who sail around the world solo, with daunting adventures, and terrifying futures.

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