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Malloy Gets Fucked by a Horrible Sea Monster

Malloy Gets Fucked by a Horrible Sea Monster
Malloy is chillin' after a relaxing bath when she is rudely confronted by an ugly sea monster who is moving towards her! Shocked, she tries to run away, but he tears the towel off of her body and corners her up against the wall! He begins to grope her big tits against her will and when he reveals his huge erect penis, she faints right then and there! The horrible sea creature picks her up and carries her to the bed, where he plays with her body and has his perverted way with her! He takes her in every and any position he wants to and when she wakes up, she is so completely disgusted she becomes catatonic, accepting her horrible fate. Sea monster climaxes inside of her while growling and spitting and she is left alone to recover from her hideous experience!

Malloy Gets Fucked by a Horrible Sea Monster Malloy Gets Fucked by a Horrible Sea Monster Malloy Gets Fucked by a Horrible Sea Monster Malloy Gets Fucked by a Horrible Sea Monster

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#1 wrote: Mickey (4 October 2011 05:15)
It's ralely great that people are sharing this information.
#2 wrote: Ruben (25 December 2014 09:16)
I'm ready for the summer and for a good time with the poscadt.But however it runs out, it just doesn't matter.Saw this movie at the cinema and it blew me away.I was expecting to have fun from knowing Bill Murray from SNL, but I was about Rudy's age and it was like having a big brother presence in my life for that summer.I went back to see again a few times.(movies and popcorn were cheaper then. And phones had rotary dials and cords and stayed in the effin' house Eh, it just doesn't matter *breathes deeply*)
#3 wrote: Aysel (27 December 2014 05:19)
Great theme song, but this show, to me, was a step down from the wacky (and very strange)<a href="http://iyjwtxi.com"> lanucy</a> of Lidsville and the visual brilliance of H.R. Pufnstuf. Not to mention the deservedly cult greatness of Land Of The Lost.Had a video with a few shows of Sigmund and, while the pilot was nicely done, the other shows were all staged on a set (if I remember it correctly) and didn't have the openness offered by location filming. It was a pretty boring and static affair.Still, with their wide range of shows, the Krofft guys gave me long lasting memories of Saturday morning worlds that stretched the imagination to a groovy and far-out point.

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