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Juliette Captured - Cuffed To Table

Juliette Captured - Cuffed To Table
Juliette is carried into the room by the maniac. She is passed out, cuffed at hands and feet and wears a clevegag.
The man lays her on the dining tabel and starts to tie her to it. He ties her hands above her head and cuffs her feet each to the legs of the table. Then he enjoys the view of his work and his beautyfull victim and lefts Juliette alone, cuffed by hands and feet to the table. As she wakes up, she realises her situation and starts fighting against the ties that binds her. She fights even as the man comes back, but she has no chance to resist the things that will happen to her.
As the man opens his trousers she knows whats coming next. The man pushes his dick into Juliettes cunt. She cries and moans into her gag, but cant do anything other than accept the fucking.
She struggles also during the sex, but the cuffs are tight and merciless. Finally the man cums right on her belly. He lefts his victim for a last time to relax. Juliette tries to get free and wants to tkae her last chnce to get out of the hands of this maniac.
Will she escape?

Juliette Captured - Cuffed To Table Juliette Captured - Cuffed To Table

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