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JulietteCaptured-Catched By Noseplayer

JulietteCaptured-Catched By Noseplayer
After coming home from work Juliette gets catched by an intruder. He chloroforms her and binds her to a stool with straps, her arms behind her back. So she will be entirely defenseless. Then the intruder begins to disrobe Juliette. He opens her half-shirt and peels off her milky mini-skirt down to her leatherboots. He finishes the truss up by using more straps for her soles. The guy ends the disrobing by cutting Juliettes underpants away. And thats the right moment to gag the dame with her own underpants and ductape her hatch.
The Inturder has now some joy with Juliettes nose and squashes and shuts it. Juliette attempts to breath and gets real fright.The guy fumbles Juliettes nude fun bags and frigs her honeypot. He gets mischievous by the magnificent dame that is sitting there finish vulnerable, trussed to the stool. So he takes some more sextoys out of his bag and puts a slavecollar around Juliettes neck.
Juliette gets bound in butt up doggy style stance over the tabouret. Her arms are secured with leathercuffs and a slavecollar around her neck trussed to the tabouret holds her down. Juliettes soles are secured with straps and so she awaits the dick of her fresh sir. But very first he kneads her assets and smacks her caboose. Now its time for the female to take the man rod deep into her honeypot. She gets a rigid shag from behind. The dude squashes her boobies and stuffs his knob as deep as he can into her poon. Juliette yells to her gag, but the fellow will not stop before he gets his climax.
The hooded intruder fountains eventually his spunk right to Juliettes donk. After finshing the smashing he leaves her alone, but told her that he will come back if she budge. Juliette attempts to get free from the handcuffs and straps, but she fells also down after the bang and attempts to loosen..... Download Catched By Noseplayer

JulietteCaptured-Catched By Noseplayer JulietteCaptured-Catched By Noseplayer

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