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Juliette Captured - After Work Catch

Juliette Captured - After Work Catch
Download After Work Catch. This movie begins with a night shot of an intruder, who cracks into Juliettes plane. He searches for some joy buttons or something else, but he only finds a ballgag and some cords. So he preps a chloroform-rag and waits for his marionette.
As Juliette comes home from work, wearing a turtleneck, a jeans-miniskirt and footwear, he catches her right at the door and chloroforms her. As Juliette is knocked out, the intruder carries her to the sofa, where he uses the ballgag to his defenseless sub and begins to bind her in a face-up spread eagle tie to the sofa. He uses lots of straps to bind her up, but so she will never escape.
Juliette is fully knocked out during the bind up. The Intruder elevates her microskirt and realises that Juliette does not wear underpants. What a glance to her bald pussy!

Juliette is waking up and after realising what is happened to her she fights against the bonds. But she can not do anything against this spread eagle tie missionary screw. So she yells powerfully to her gag while the stud resumes his delectation. The Intruder has the idea to let Juliette do a blow-job to him, so he begins untying this female in trouble. But only to truss her soles up with anklecuffs. Her arms getting corded behind her back with cuffs. And so the showcase can go on.
The Intruder compels Juliette to get on all fours in front of the couch, bound up with hands- and anklecuffs. He ungags her and so she must do a suck off to the evil fellow. Thats indeed rock hard work with the arms manacled behind her back. And the fellow wedges his weenie down her jaws deeper and deeper......

Eventually after cuming in her gullet he regags the woman and lefts her handcuffed at the sofa. Juliette attempts to get free, but the handcuffs are tight.

Juliette Captured - After Work Catch
Juliette Captured - After Work Catch Juliette Captured - After Work Catch Juliette Captured - After Work Catch

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Download Juliette Captured - After Work Catch

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