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Juliette Captured - Not A Lucky Day

Juliette Captured - Not A Lucky Day
Juliette stands in her kitchen, making some tea, as a masked man rushes into her house. He handgags her and tolds her to be quiet. He asks for money and Juliette gives him all the money she got. But the few dollars are not enough for the man. He forces her out of the kitchen to the livingroom. There Juliette must stand face to the wall while the man checks her body.
Then he forces her to strip in front of him.
After the girl is completly naked, the man forces her through the house, to lock the doors. She must go to the cellar and lock the garage. It's very cold there and she whimpers all the time.
Then she is brought to the livingroom, where she must stand in front of a table. The man tolds her to cross her wrists on her back and takes out some rope. Juliette gets tied up at her hands. Then the man forces her down to her knees and ties up also her feet.
After this Juliette must lay down on the floor and is told not to move until the masked intruder is coming back. He leaves her for searching more money.
Juliette starts to struggle and tries to free herself. She tries to untie her feet and rolls over the floor. But as the man returns she's still tied up.
The man is angry that the girl tried to escape and so he unties her feet and forces her to go down to the cellar again.
What will he do there?

Juliette Captured - Not A Lucky Day Juliette Captured - Not A Lucky Day

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