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Juliette Captured - Hitchhiker In Peril

Juliette Captured - Hitchhiker In Peril
Juliette is hitch-hiking. She is wearing a blue jeans skirt and boots. But she stops the wrong car for her. The man drives into a forest where she handcuffs the poor Juliette. Juliette screams to let her go, so the capturer gags her with tape. After the man leaves the car to get his victim out, Juliette tries to escape. But the man grabs her and the escape attemp is over for this lovely victim. After checking Juliettes nice tits and body the capturer open the trunk and forces his cuffed victim inside. Juliette struggles, but will she escape? The Captor arrives at a house. He opens the trunk where his beatiful victim Juliette lays. He puts a slavecollar on her and forces her into the house. In there he cuffs Juliettes hands over her head and squeeses her tits.

Juliette Captured - Hitchhiker In Peril

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#1 wrote: Jonas (19 August 2012 04:21)
My cousin Chavondria and Coreys wedidng pictures are simply beautiful. I was just amazed, made me feel like I was there and all the love between them. Great photography!Robin

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