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The Postman Rings

The Postman Rings
Juliette moans to her gag and struggles, but cuffed and leashed, shes got no chance to resist the fuck. The man continues for minutes his pleasures to fuck Juliette from behind, but then he changes his mind.

Juliette is forced to kneel in front of the man and must lick his cock through the ringgag. After the man has enough of this he ungags the girlie and forces her to do a blowjob. He opens her jeanstop and her nice tits become viewable. So she kneels completly naked, but still cuffed in front of her masters cock. She is forced to suck his dick. She gags on it and moans all the time. Surely she hopes that he man cums quickly, but he enjoys the blowjob and so he let her suck a few minutes.

Finally he loads his cum right in her face and the sperm runs down to her breasts. So he lefts her on the floor, still cuffed at hands and feet. As the man is gone Juliette tries to clean her face, but it's really difficulty with the hands tied on the back. She also tries again to break the chains, but at the end she realises that there is no chance for her and so she waits until help will come to her.

The Postman Rings The Postman Rings
The Postman Rings

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