» » Prisoner roughly raped

Rape Videos | 29-10-2013, 07:32  

Prisoner roughly raped

Prisoner roughly raped
Prisoner roughly raped Prisoner roughly raped
Prisoner roughly raped

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#1 wrote: Marta (8 December 2013 19:16)
A good way to check would be to see when Patriot stop posting and when Mercury sttraed. I certainly don\'t care enough to do that though. I doubt you do either. These people are so dumb it\'s amazing. (1) Their target audience are people who support the war. Their strategy of feeding pro-Gaddafi lies to anti-Gaddafi supporters makes as much sense as going to the National Rifle Association and spreading talking points on the dangers of gun ownership.(2) Even if this thread were like a place where a few hundred impartial people congregate, their efforts would still be futile as the politics of this dictate that none of the major players in this (US, UK, France) can back down. Any backing down would incur enormous political costs at home (read: you surrendered, you failed, what happened to Gaddafi has to go?). For all intents and purposes, the gear for reverse has been torn out of the car and thrown out the window. These fools will never realize this though. (3) I actually derive considerable pleasure from attacking these people. I would post 75-85% less without them.

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