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Rape Videos | 6-01-2013, 06:53  

Police 29

Police 29
Police 29 Police 29
Police 29

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Police 29.wmv

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#1 wrote: GOomi (30 January 2013 22:16)
I agree with all of this, but at the same time girls can be a tease. They don\'t want to look too easy so they say No. They want to test how much you desire them so they say No. But they want you, ecxept you, to keep asking, keep asking, keep asking until they say Yes. So often, when they say No, they really mean Yes. That\'s why there\'s confusion. And there\'s a big problem when these girls say No and really mean No! Because then nobody takes them seriously.
#2 wrote: Subha (25 December 2014 12:36)
*blushing* Thank you!! Isn't it funny how everyone feels so ordraniy, but once you learn more about them, usually you find that although they feel ordraniy and like they are flailing through life, they all have many interesting talents and accomplishments that they simply take for granted whether it be sewing, childcare, sports, or whatever *making mental note here to count my accomplishments and not may failures!*Thorpunious Thorpunious
#3 wrote: viagra_buylAI (20 January 2017 04:51)
Simply needed to point out I am glad that i stumbled onto your site.

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