» » Juliette Captured - Latex Intruder Gets Catched

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Juliette Captured - Latex Intruder Gets Catched

Juliette Captured - Latex Intruder Gets Catched
Juliette is laying on the table, her hands tied to her ponytail and with spreaderbars between her legs. The bishop enters the room and touches Juliettes body. Then he steps on the table and starts to rub his cock at the girls pussy before he is going to fuck her. The bishop fucks the girl on the table. She can't resist with the spreader bars between her legs her pussy is wide open. She whimpers and wines to her gag as the horny bishop has his way with her. Juliette feels the pain between her legs as the man sticks his cock always in and out her pussy. She has no choice as to let the bishop do what he wants with her. And he wants her right there, right now. Finally he cums on her ass. After the bishop has cumed to the girls ass he climbs down the table. He left Juliette tied and gagged on the table. She hopes that the bishop has mercy with her and ties her in a more comfortable position, but he left her with her hands tied to her hair. He walks to the cross on the wall and starts to pray. After this he takes on his uniform and leaves the room. Now Juliette knows that there will be no mercy for her.

Juliette Captured - Latex Intruder Gets Catched Juliette Captured - Latex Intruder Gets Catched
Juliette Captured - Latex Intruder Gets Catched

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#1 wrote: Burton (25 December 2014 10:16)
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait. The guy beating up Jack looks like Widmore, or is that my imiotnaaign. I think that we are moving towards getting the other folks back forward in time. It is about bloody well time. It is nice to see that Chang believed Daniel, so the video shoot with him must be coming up. It is also nice to see John back, but I am a bit puzzled by the comment of it being three years. I thought that it was 3 years of time passing off the island, but only a few days or weeks for those on the island?? Am I confused?? (Probably). Wouldn't that mean that John and Richard had not seen each other for only a short period of time, exlcuding when they saw each other when time was jumping?? Also, would Richard know for sure that John had died, even though he told John in the past that that is what needed to happen??Funny seeing Hurley trying to fool Chang!!!!

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