Peachy Keen Films-The Hogtie Killer 2

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A guy, recently out of jail, found out that a few members of his family were incarcerated due to testimony from a few key sees. So, with nothing else to lose, he hatches a vengeance plan, but very first, he must find out the names of those watches.

Last time, he interrogated the cop that testified at the trial. This time, he heads after the reporter the caked the case. He tricks her into encounter her at a vacant mansion and attacks her with a hold, the a taser to her ribs. She heads down. He rubs her for a bit, then hauls her to the bed.

When he embarks praying her questions, she is resistant, actually stubborn. Perhaps she was not taking him earnestly. He grasps her by the hair and crushes her rock-hard a few time, then does it again, eventually crushing her in the side.

Now she was listening. He coerces her to disrobe down to her lingerie, then handcuffs her arms behind her back. He postures her in a chair--she cannot escape.

He spends time leisurely tormenting her with his taser, attempting to get her to give him names.

Once she heads unconscious, he eventually realizes she has given him all she has. He sprays water in her face and coerces his bone down her facehole. He might as well get some twat...he was in jail a lengthy time. He takes her to the bedroom and drills her all ways. Then, leaves her for a while.

When he comebacks, she want to go home, but he has her frogtied and ball ball-gagged. He takes the gag out and coerces his bone down her mouth and penetrates her throat until he pops. Then, he heads around--she thinks he is going to unbind her, but instead, he wraps a strap around her neck and then her shoes. He compels her shoe back, hoisting her neck up, thereby her.

She struggles as greatest she can, but there is not much she can do. Leisurely and leisurely, she gives way. Once dead, he shifts her over and unties her, posing her assets on the couch before leaving.

Peachy Keen Films-The Hogtie Killer 2

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