Prison Break

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The plan had been in the works for months. There were a lot of people that disagreed with allowing these three to be on an outside work detail. Obviously now they were getting to say “I told you so” to anyone that would listen. But to be fair, all three had been excellent prisoners for the past five years.

It was a work detail that they had been on for 6 months, all the while studying the movements and routines of the guards. Now the day had come and they had made their move. They slid away at the exact time they had planned. And since they had done it when they did, their calculation was that it would be at least 15 minutes before any of the guards would notice they were gone. Now, 15 minutes later, they were miles down the highway, all crouched on the seats and floor of Dragon’s son’s car.

Dragon was the leader of the group. He was serving 25 years to life for the brutal rape of a high school cheerleader. It was a gang rape, and he was the leader of that gang, as well. At trial he claimed to just be an involuntary participant. But the testimony proved not only was he the leader, he was the one who picked out the victim.

It was after a Friday night football game. Dragon spotted the young girl with the long blonde hair talking to some friends after the game. Luckily for them, she was driving home alone a few minutes after that. They had managed to get their car in front of hers on a side street. They purposely jammed on the brakes, forcing the girl to hit their car from behind. The girl was a little dazed when she got out to check the damage. Two of the four men grabbed her, forced her into their backseat and sped off with her. She was found the next day by some hikers in a remote wooded area, completely naked and tied to a tree, her body beaten and bloody from the brutal raping by the four black men. Just her bra and panties were found at the scene. Her cheerleader uniform was never recovered. Dragon would brag to his friend’s in prison that even though one of his buddies popped her cherry, he got her ass first. And he said it was the nicest white ass he had ever seen, so small and so white! “And those little titties… pinkest nipples I’ve ever seen” he would tell them. “And oh yeah baby, she was a real blonde. We found that out when we stripped her naked.” His cock still stiffened when he thought back to that night.

Ben was the second in the group. He and Dragon immediately bonded in prison. They were on the same transport bus when they entered, and were hardly ever seen apart in the prison yard. Ben shared Dragon’s taste in women. He had received the same sentence for raping his girlfriend’s teenage daughter.

“What’s a man supposed to do with a fine piece of ass like that walking around the house all the time? I came home one day and she was there all alone lookin all sexy and shit. I’m fuckin human, man!” He told Dragon in the yard the first day.

Ike was the one with the connections. He knew people, or so he told them. All they needed to do was to get to L.A. and his friends would take care of everything for them. He was five years into a 20 year sentence for armed robbery. Ike was older than the other two and the only white one in the group. Unlike Dragon and Ben he didn’t spend a lot of time in the workout area of the yard, and it showed. He always looked a bit disheveled, and had a gut that hung over his belt. He had robbed a convenient store late one night and pistol whipped the clerk behind the counter. That didn’t help come sentencing time. He always had a mean streak and it had finally caught up to him.

Finally there was Darnell. Darnell was Dragon’s son. He had just turned 17, had dropped out of school and was quickly becoming a total loser. When his dad had approached him about being the driver for plan, he didn’t even hesitate. He had borrowed a friend’s car the morning of the escape and was waiting exactly where he was supposed to. He had clothes for all of them, so the orange jumpsuits were history as soon as the car sped away. Best of all, no one knew how they got away. The cops had no idea what kind of vehicle they should be looking for, or if they should be looking for one at all. The plan worked perfectly.

They had driven about 200 miles when they decided it was time to grab some food. Another thing they needed was money. Darnell had about $150, but that wouldn’t take them very far. They decided to pull into a McDonald’s, go in, wash up, grab some food and come up with a plan for getting some cash. They were in the midst of that conversation when Dragon said… “Damn, damn, damn, look what just walked in.”

Carol and her daughter Jordan were just heading home from a busy day of shopping when they decided to stop and get a quick bite to eat. Carol was not a fan of fast food, but Jordan convinced her that it would be quick, and that’s what they needed.

Carol was a very attractive woman! She was 42 years old, stood about 5’5” with blonde hair that was down to her shoulders. Even though blonde wasn’t her natural color, it looked great on her. She spent a lot of money making sure it always did. She was always nicely dressed and accessorized. Luckily money wasn’t a real issue for her. Her ex husband was a very successful lawyer and she came out of their divorce very well off. She kept herself in very good shape, going to the gym 4 to 5 times a week. She knew that she could still turn some heads. She especially liked it when she caught some of the younger ones checking her out. Then she really knew she still had it.

Carol’s life revolved around her beautiful daughter, Jordan. She was everything she could have hoped for in a daughter. She was a straight A student and was praised by all of her teachers. She was the captain of the girl’s soccer team, recently being named to the all state team. She was on the smaller side at 5’3”, but was as fast as the wind on the soccer field. She was a fresh faced little beauty with long brown hair that flowed to the middle of her back, a great smile with dimples and big brown eyes. Her soccer playing kept her in great shape. She was a little self conscious about her small breasts, but Carol always assured her that hers were the same way at that age. Carol was now proud of her 36 C breasts, and liked to show them off a bit at times, like with the top that she was wearing that day, that clung to her upper body.

Carol was very protective of Jordan, especially after she and her dad had divorced. Even though plenty of boys had asked her out, she wouldn’t allow her to date anyone steady at this point. She wanted her to focus on her grades and her soccer. It was a big step that they had just been out shopping that day for a dress for her first formal dance. They had found the perfect one, even though they were going to have to find a bra that made her look like she had more cleavage than she actually did. They’d go looking for that tomorrow they decided.

The women stood and looked up at the menu board trying to figure out what to order, not having a clue that the four men at the nearby table were fixated on them.

“Fuck!” Dragon said. “Look at that young one. Look at that fucking little ass in those jeans. My cock’s gettin hard just lookin at her.”

“What a damn fine little bitch with her little boobs poking out” Ben added.

“You know any girls like that, Darnell?”

“Those kind of girls don’t live around me” Darnell replied. “But she’s fine, fine fine!”

“You guys are all looking at the young thing, what the fuck about the mother? Look at those nice tits on her! I’d like to have her to myself for awhile” Ike remarked.

Dragon looked at the others..“I think we need to make something happen here. It’s been five long fuckin years and I need to fuck something quick. I’m telling you right now, that little thing right there looks too good to pass up!” He told them. The others looked at each other and laughed… “Yeah baby, we’re with ya!”

Carol and Jordan carried their trays and sat down a few tables away, walking right by the four of them to get there. Dragon followed every movement of Jordan’s little ass as she strutted by. All of that running for soccer had produced a great little butt, and she knew it.

“You boys ain’t never fucked anything till you’ve fucked a little white teenage ass. Biggest load I ever shot off was in the ass of that cheerleader. Did it while we had her on all fours and were making her suck my buddy. Fuck, what a tight little ass she had! If this all goes down the way it should, you’ll all get a chance to see for yourself” Dragon told the others. They all glanced over a Jordan eating her salad as big grins came over their faces.

“So what’s the plan” Ben asked.

“We leave here in a couple minutes and follow them until they get home. After we see what were up against, we figure the best way to get in. Once we’re in, you and me, Ben, will get the little one to ourselves. You and Darnell will grab the mother” Dragon said looking at Ike. “But I want you to let Darnell fuck her first, you hear? That classy bitch needs my son’s seed inside her. You good with that son?”

“She’s really pretty and got some nice big boobs. I want to see her boobs then fuck her” Darnell replied.

“Haha… you’re gonna see a lot more than her boobs, boy” Ike chuckled. “We’ll strip that bitch so you can see her boobs, her belly, her pussy… everything. You’ll even see how her asshole looks as I’m about to shove my cock in it.”

Darnell just sat and watched Carol with a big smile on his face as he imagined what she would look like naked. He wondered what her nipples would look like and whether she had hair on her pussy. The other’s all laughed as he slid his hand down and rubbed his crotch while nodding his head up and down. “Yeah, I wanna see everything!”

With that, the four got up and headed out to the car. Now it was just a matter of waiting until Carol and Jordan showed them which car they had to follow. Then the game would be on.

They had been waiting for about 10 minutes when Carol and Jordan came walking out the door.

“There they are men” Dragon said. “Is everybody’s dick as stiff as mine?” He laughed.

“We sure will have some fun with that young one” Ben said as he lusted at the sight of Jordan walking in their direction. “I hope that we have a lot of time to spend with them.”

The two women got into a brand new black Lexus ES350.

“I knew them bitches were rich” Ike remarked. “they ain’t never been with anyone like us before, I guarantee that.”

The men followed the car from a safe distance, as not to be spotted. Eventually it pulled into a very nice subdivision with big houses and lots of space between them.

“This is looking perfect” Dragon told the others. “Any neighbors will be far enough away and it looks like there are lots of trees between the houses for cover.”

The car pulled into a driveway of a stately looking brick home. The house was set back from the street with a long driveway leading up to it.

“Keep going” Dragon commanded. “Loop around and come back and let’s see if we can get a better look at the place.”

When they turned and came back they stopped at a point where they could see the two women still in the garage with the trunk of the car open. They were carrying some bags and Jordan’s new long dress as the garage door closed behind them.

“No other cars in the garage. We’re in luck boys” Dragon remarked. “Let’s give it a few minutes and then go pay them a visit.”

They drove away as not to draw any suspicion and returned about 10 minutes later. They immediately pulled into the driveway and parked close to the garage under good cover from the street. They got out of the car and carefully closed the doors, making as little noise as possible. It was about dusk, so the conditions were close to ideal.

They had decided to try entering from the back of the house. It was fully wooded behind, so they couldn’t be seen at all back there. They slowly and quietly climbed the stairs that led to a deck that extended across the back of the house. Dragon was in the lead. He signaled to the others to stay put once they were on the deck, as he slowly crept along until getting to the lighted door of the kitchen.

Peering inside he could see both Carol and Jordan standing and talking. Carol had poured herself a glass of wine. Jordan was sipping on a can of Diet Coke. Carol had removed the small open cardigan sweater that she had been wearing and now stood there in a sleeveless black knit top, that accentuated her nicely shaped breasts. Her pale yellow skirt came to just above her knees, showing her tanned and toned legs. She was wearing open toed sandals, with a small heel, that showed off her newly manicured toenails. She was a very pretty lady. She’d be a great first fuck for Darnell, Dragon thought to himself. He knew he certainly wouldn’t leave without getting a piece of her either. But what had his dick rock hard already, was looking at Jordan standing there. She had already discarded her flip flops and was standing barefoot in her jeans and a little t shirt that ended just above the waistband of the jeans. The green shirt had “Central Cougars” on the front of it. Dragon assumed that was where she went to school. But what he liked best were the two little mounds that protruded from it. God, he loved young white girls with small tits. Jordan was right up his alley! As she reached for one of the bags on the counter, the lifting of her shirt exposed her tight little midsection. Dragon reached down and grabbed his crotch when he saw it, knowing that soon he’d be seeing everything that the little bitch had to offer. He also liked that she had cute little feet. He wasn’t sure where that came from, but he liked girls that had nice looking feet. He definitely approved of Jordan’s and especially liked the red nail polish on her toes.

He motioned for the others to come. They crept very slowly toward their crouching friend. Luckily for them, Carol had stepped out onto the deck when they first got back to the house. So, the door was unlocked making things a lot easier. Dragon reached toward the doorknob and slowly turned it. To his satisfaction it turned all the way. He gave the others a nod. They knew what to do next.

Carol couldn’t comprehend why the back door was opening and stood frozen as the four men rushed into the kitchen.

“Oh my God” She screamed. “What are you doing here?”

Before she could say another word, Ike and Darnell were on her. Ike had one arm around her waist and the other over her mouth, muffling her screams.
Jordan made a break for it, but the only way out was to go past Dragon. He grabbed her around the waist as she sped by, and lifted her with one of his massive arms.

“I’ve got her, Bro” he said to Ben. “It’s party time!”

He carried the screaming, young teen with one arm while Ben tried to harness her kicking legs. Dragon found what looked like her bedroom and they carried her in, slamming the door behind them.

Carol’s legs had collapsed under her, as Ike dragged her towards the hallway that the others had just taken Jordan. She was still in shock at what was happening. A minute ago she was sipping on a glass of wine laughing with her daughter, and now these four men were about to do God knows what to them. Darnell helped Ike get her into the other room, but couldn’t resist groping at her tits as she struggled with them. The bulge in his jeans was enormous, as he thought about soon fucking this beautiful woman that he had been staring at in McDonald’s just minutes ago. As they went by the closed door of Jordan’s bedroom, all Carol could hear were the muffled screams of her precious daughter and the voices coming from the room.
She heard the men hooting and hollering….. “Get those pants off her”…. “I bet she’s a virgin”…. “Let’s see her tits”….. I’ve got her ass first.” She couldn’t even imagine how afraid she must be in the hands of those animals.
Ike and Darnell got Carol into her bedroom, where a nice big four post bed gave Ike plenty of ideas of how to have some fun.

In Jordan’s room, Dragon had the teen’s arms pinned behind her back. He grabbed at her small tits as Ben struggled getting the buckle undone on her belt. The brandishing of a gun had been successful in getting Jordan to stop screaming.

“You scream one more time and we’re gonna drag your fucking mother in here and shoot her in the fucking head right in front of you” Ben screamed at her. The only sound since had been the crying sobs of someone knowing the worst was yet to come.

Ben got the buckle undone, unsnapped her jeans and slid them down over her thin legs. He lifted her pretty little feet and took them completely off, throwing them into the corner. She stood now in a pair of pink panties that had purple butterflies all over them.

“Ain’t those cute” Ben laughed as he took the middle finger of his hand and slid it up and down her pussy, on the outside of the panties.

“She’s definitely gonna be a tight one” he said smiling at Dragon.

Dragon quickly grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt, ripping it up over her head, tangling some of her long brown hair with the motion. Jordan’s face grimaced with pain as the two men started to pick up the pace.

Dragon’s hand was already inside her bra getting his first feel of her soft, smooth little breasts, when Ben grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them to the floor.

“Fucking awesome Bro, she’s got a little bush on her. I love it” Ben exclaimed.

Carol hadn’t allowed Jordan to shave her pussy yet. She had viewed it as the first step to her becoming sexually active. It was a bit of an embarrassment to her, as most all her friends shaved. Her bush wasn’t very thick, but the mass of soft, wispy brown hair obscured her thin pussy lips.

This was also their first look at that little ass of hers. Her smooth, white butt protruded nicely. There wasn’t a mark or blemish on it.

“That’s one great ass you have for a white girl” Dragon whispered in her ear as he pressed his crotch against it. “I’m gonna fuck that little butt of yours!”
“Show me her titties” Ben hollered as Dragon pulled her bra up and over her head without unfastening it.

“Yeah baby” he remarked as her little A cup tits were now in total view of the two xxxcons. Her light brown nipples stiffened as they were exposed to the cool air. Her little mounds stood straight out, without a hint of sag.
“We got ourselves a good one, that’s for sure” Ben remarked as the two took in the view of Jordan’s now totally naked young body.

“Please don’t hurt me. Please. Please” she begged.

“You just do whatever the fuck we tell you to do. You understand me you little white bitch” Dragon said as her glared at her, gripping her face with one hand. He then took his tongue and licked the side of it.

Both men now had their pants pulled down and their monster cocks on full display. Dragon put the gun to Jordan’s head.

“Get down on your knees and suck our fuckin cocks bitch” he commanded.

“No, please. Don’t make me do that” Jordan pleaded.

“SMACK!!” Ben slapped Jordan right across her pretty young face, leaving a big red mark on her cheek. The sobbing teen slid down onto her knees.
“Now suck it good, you hear me” Dragon told her. “And stroke my friend’s cock while you suck mine.”

Jordan slowly took Dragon’s throbbing cock into her young mouth. She had never even seen a real man’s cock in person before, let alone have one in her mouth. She began to gag as Dragon forced it in deeper.

“Stroke my friend’s cock too” he said, smacking her across the side of her head.

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she went back and forth on the massive, black cock. She then wrapped her little hand around Ben’s rigid shaft and began stroking it.

A huge smile came across Dragon’s face as he saw the reflection of them in the mirror. What an image… the young teen kneeling completely naked in front of him, his hand guiding her head back and forth over his rock hard cock, while stroking Ben’s with her hand. As he scanned the room he took it all in… posters of pop stars… stuffed animals… trophies for soccer… and lots of pictures. Pictures of she and her friends, she and her mother and her playing soccer were all over the room.

“What a fuckin lucky find this one was” he said to Ben. “Now suck my friend”

The sobbing young girl looked up at Ben with her red eyes and tear stained cheeks, slowly positioning herself in front of him and drawing him into her young, wet mouth.

“Oh fuck” he moaned as felt the friction Jordan’s young lips moving up and down on his cock.

Dragon got down on his knees next to her and roughly started grabbing at her young tits… pinching at her nipples and painfully pulling them. He leaned down and drew one into his mouth, sucking and biting it. He could tell from the sounds coming from her, that he was hurting her. He liked that! The roughness of his beard added to the pain as it rubbed back and forth across the young girl’s chest. He then reached and grabbed at what was to be his prize, her beautiful little butt. His massive hand almost covered it. He forced his middle finger between her tightly clenched butt cheeks and slid it up and down, from her pussy to the other end, over and over, finally stopping to explore her little anus. He couldn’t wait to deposit a massive load of his cum inside her tight teenage ass.

He could sense by the shaking of her body that something was happening. Sure enough, Ben had his hands on the back of Jordan’s head and was violently thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth. Even though he was holding it, her head bounced back and forth, as Ben’s crotch smacked against her face. Her body was shaking so much that if she had any decent sized tits, they would be flopping away. But her small boobs just moved with her body.

“Go for it, Bro” Dagon hollered.

“Fuck yeah! Fuck yeah! Fuuuuuck” Ben screamed as a massive steam of cum shot into Jordan’s mouth. She choked and gagged as his jizz streamed down her throat. It filled her mouth and oozed out the sides and down her chin as Ben continued to force her head into his crotch. He slammed over and over against her face until there was nothing left in him. When he let go of her, she crumbled to the floor, still gagging and choking.

“WOW… that was good” he told Dragon. Now it’s your turn.”

“Get her up and over the side of the bed” Dragon commanded.

They picked up an unwilling Jordan and flung her face first onto her bed. They then positioned her with her legs hanging over the side of her bed. Dragon stared down at her smooth, flawless little white ass. He took her panties from the floor and handed them to Ben.

“Stuff these in her mouth and hold her down. This is gonna hurt her!”
Ben obliged and pinned Jordan face down against the bed as Dragon parted her ass cheeks getting a good look at her small pink asshole. He gave his cock a couple good strokes and positioned the tip just on the outside of her puckered little hole. He pushed hard, trying to get his tip inside. Jordan wiggled and tried screaming as she felt her anus parting. With a good hard thrust, Dragon’s cock entered her rectum.

“Oh Yeah! I’m in here, Dude” he told Ben. “You can’t believe how fuckin tight this is.”

The teen writhed in pain as the black man’s huge dick went further and further inside her. As he was forcing it further in he slapped her ass repeatedly. Dragon began pumping hard as Ben cheered him on. Finally he tilted his head back and screamed…. “Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!” as he unloaded into her little butt. Cum came out of her ass like oil bubbling up from a newly tapped well. Jordan laid limp across the bed as Dragon collapsed on top of her. The massive black man almost completely covering the small teen.

In the other room Ike and Darnell were getting set to have some fun with Carol. Jordan’s beautiful mother was in the hands of a disgusting looking, overweight white guy and a young black teen. Her eyes darted back and forth between them, not knowing what to expect. Darnell held a gun to her as Ike rummaged through her dresser drawers. He couldn’t resist exploring her body, even though she was still fully dressed. He held the gun to her with one hand, while squeezing her tits and running her hand over her ass with the other. Ike found what he was looking for, a few silk scarves. He walked up to Carol, took her hands and pulled them behind her back. He then tied her wrists. He took another and forced it into her mouth. Then he took a third and gagged her with it, tying it behind her head. He grabbed her by her blonde hair and yanked her head back, looking straight into her eyes.

“If you give us any trouble, or make one stupid move, the little bitch in the other room is dead. I’ll take this gun and stick it up her pussy and pull the trigger. And if you don’t think I’ll do it, you just test me. Do you hear me you fucking cunt?”

Carol nodded yes.

“You just sit and stroked you dick for awhile” he said to Darnell. “You’ll get to fuck her first, I assure you, but sit and watch how a real man treats a woman.”

It was common knowledge to the people that knew Ike in prison that he had a hatred for women. They had fucked him over for most of his life. They had left him when he needed them most…. took his money…and as he aged, wouldn’t have anything to do with his ugly ass. The only pussy that he could get was that which he paid for. Unfortunately he never had enough money for anything other than an ugly crack whore looking the cash to get her next high. Someone like Carol wasn’t even in the solar system that he existed. Carol with her fancy car and fancy house, her expensive clothes and flawless make up. But her she was now standing in front of him, shaking and defenseless. He had the power. And she was going to feel it.

Darnell sat on the edge of the bed, unzipped his pants, pulled out his already hard cock and started stroking it as Ike eyed Carol up and down. He really wanted to see her naked. He had never seen a white woman naked before in real life, and certainly never expected to see someone as rich and beautiful as this. His cock throbbed as he imagined her naked and him fucking her.

“Take her clothes off man. I want to see what she looks like naked” Darnell pleaded.

“Soon enough my young friend… soon enough” Ike responded as he circled around her, lifting the back of her skirt to give he and Darnell a peek at her panty clad butt.

Then all of a sudden… WHOMP!! Ike buried his fist into Carol’s stomach, doubling her over and sending her to the floor on her knees. He then picked her up and flung her helpless body against the wall. The pictures on the wall came crashing down as Carol slumped to the floor. Ike grabbed her by the hair and pulled her across the floor to the middle of the room. She looked up at him with desperation in her eyes as he pulled her by the hair back up on her feet and started slapping her repeatedly across the face. Carol had lost her sandals in the tussle and stood barefoot, crying and shaking.

“So now you know I mean business, bitch! My friend here wants to see you naked. Should we let him see you” he asked.

Carol shook her head no. Ike then slapped her repeatedly.

“I’ll ask again, bitch, should we let him see you naked?”

This time Carol nodded in the affirmative.

“I knew you’d see it my way” Ike laughed.

Ike reached behind Carol, unfastened her skirt, pulled down the zipper and let it fall to the floor. Darnell smiled as he now feasted his eyes on her standing in a pair of light blue panties.

“Do you want to see her tits first or her pussy” Ike inquired.

“I want to see her tits man. I want to see her nice boobs.”

Since her hands were bound, Ike took a blade from his pocket, grabbed the bottom of her black top and cut upwards, slicing it in half and exposing her matching light blue bra. He then took the bra and sliced it open right between her tits. Out fell her pure white tits that were topped off with long, erect nipples.

“Woah…. Look at the nips on her” Ike remarked as her grabbed at them. “Get over here kid and get a better look.”

Carol knew that her nipples were something that men liked. They were dark pink and extended out like the eraser on the end of a pencil. Her husband had always remarked about her great nipples, and joked that he could hang his hat on them. Now here she was, with this ugly, fat asshole pinching and pulling at them.

Darnell raced over and sunk his hands into her soft white breasts. They hung gently against her body, sagging like they would on a woman her age. The young teen pulled at her nipples, making Carol flinch with the pain. He sucked one into his mouth and grabbed at her panty covered pussy. Ike did him a favor and pulled the panties down, revealing full dark bush.

“Haha” Ike laughed. “The carpet doesn’t match the drapes, but damn, you are one fine looking bitch!”

She was now standing completely naked in front of them. They were free to explore her and were taking every advantage of it, as their hands grabbed and squeezed her at will. She stood shaking, with her eyes closed as she felt their hands groping at her tits… probing between her legs…. even in between the cheeks of her ass.

She opened her eyes and saw Ike sitting on the side of her bed with his pants down around his ankles and his rigid cock sticking out of the hairy mass between his legs. She shivered at the disgusting sight.

“Get that gag off her” he commanded Darnell.

“Now you get over her bitch and let me fuck that pretty mouth of yours. I want you to bend over and start sucking my dick. Then I want my young friend to fuck you from behind while you’re doing it.”

Darnell broke into a huge smile as he knew that soon he would be fucking this beautiful mother. He removed the gag… took the panties out of her mouth and pushed her towards Ike. They bent her over at the waist and she drew Ike’s cock into her mouth. He held her hair back with one hand so that he could see Carol’s face as she slid up and down over his shaft. His cock had never even been close to a woman like this. Now it was in her mouth and he wanted to savor every second.

Darnell couldn’t wait any longer. He stared at Carol’s naked body rocking back and forth as she sucked Ike’s cock, her tits gently swaying back and forth with the motion. He dropped his pants and positioned himself behind her. He squeezed her middle aged ass and slid his hand between her legs, feeling the coarseness of her pubic hair and the wetness of her pussy. He slid the tip of his throbbing teenage cock inside her. It surprised him at how quickly he was totally inside her. He began thrusting in and out, hearing the soft slurping sound of her wet cunt. His pelvis started banging against Carol’s ass, as he began fucking her harder and faster. Every thrust forced Ike’s cock further into her mouth. Her hands still bound behind her, she was sandwiched between their two cocks.

“Now we’ve got her where we want her, kid” Ike laughed. “Fuck her good. I bet she’s never had a young dick like yours in her before. Certainly not a black one!

Darnell continued to fuck the living shit out of the suburban housewife. He was fucking her so fast that the sound of him smacking against her ass sounded like some clapping their hands.

“I’m cumming in her! I’m cumming in her pussy” he hollered, as his teenage seed filled Carol.

“OK, switch spots. Sit here and let her suck the rest out of you. I’m fucking this bitch in the ass” said Ike.

Carol’s knees began buckling under her. She didn’t think she could take anymore, but she knew there was no choice. Darnell sat on the edge of the bed and painfully squeezed her tits as she was now forced to suck on the cock that had just fucked her. She could smell her own pussy on the young boy. Ike, with his small but hard dick spread the cheeks of her ass and forced his way in. She was 42 and this was the first time she was getting it in her butt. She wanted to scream, it hurt so much, but she knew that would just get them into more trouble. She tried to focus on something other than what was happening, but her mind kept going to her daughter. What was happening to her precious Jordan? How could her virginity be taken this way? And by these kind of animals? Would this disgusting fat man have sex with her too?

The tightness of Carol’s anus caused Ike to shoot his wad before he had hoped to. But his body shook as he filled her ass with his cum. Then Carol’s question was answered.

“Let’s tie her to the bed and get her ready for the others. I want to fuck that little teenager’s pussy. I bet it’s as tight as her mother ass” Ike roared.

The men put the panties back in her mouth, but not before Darnell came inside it. His cum stream was so strong that a lot of it had gone down her throat, even though was trying not to swallow. They tied her gagged and spread eagle to the posts of her bed.

“Stay here and do whatever the fuck you want to her. I’m checking on the others” Ike said as he headed for the door.

When he opened the door of Jordan’s room he started to laugh.

“Looks like there’s been some fun things happening in here!!”

Jordan was lying on her back on the bed with Ben violently fucking her. It looked as if she might be passed out as her body was limp. His muscular, black ass clenched tight as he pounded her young pussy. Ike could see the blood that was now all over Ben’s shaft.

“Lucky bastard, you got to pop her, huh? How fucking tight is she?”

“Not as fucking tight as she used to be” Ben laughed as he continued fucking the young teen.

“Doesn’t have much for tits, that’s for sure” Ike commented. “You’ll love the big nips on mommy!”

Dragon stood at the end of the bed caressing her small feet and rubbing them up and down over his cock.

“What’s with the feet, Bro?” Ike asked.

Dragon just smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

“She got pretty little feet. I like pretty little feet.”

He then leaned over and started sucking on her red polished toes.

Then Ben unloaded. The bed seemed like it was going to collapse as the huge man banged against Jordan’s little body, over and over until every ounce of his jizz was inside her.

“First time I ever had a virgin, man….. first time!”

“How’s my boy doin” Dragon asked.

“He’s already cum twice in the bitch, once in the pussy and once in the mouth.”

“You let him fuck her first?”

“Of course, man. I told you I would.”

“Let’s go check out what’s happenin over there” he said looking at Ben.

Ike stood at the side of Jordan’s bed looking down at her. She was definitely unconscious. Still breathing, but apparently the boys went to town on her, but good. He took in the view of her as he brushed her hair away from her face.

“Damn, she’s a cute thing” he thought.

He reached down and tugged at one of her nipples. No reaction. Her tits looked especially small with her lying on her back. He sat on the edge of the bed and began stroking her young body. He certainly had never touched anything like this before. And here he had her all to himself. He took both hands and began squeezing her small breasts, pinching and pulling at her small, brown nipples. He wondered if any boys at school had ever seen them. He ran one hand down over her firm, young belly. He played for a second with her belly button, seeing how far he could stick his finger into it…. Still no reaction from her. He scanned the room looking at the pictures. He focused on one that was taken at a cousin’s wedding. She was wearing a small, flowery dress, with her hair all curled, make up to the max and a big smile that showed off her cute dimples.

“Hard to believe I’m going to fuck something like that” he thought.

He slid his hand down to her small brown patch between her legs. There was a combination of blood and cum that matted some of the hair together. He grabbed some and yanked at it to see if he could get a rise out of her…. Still nothing. He pushed her hip upwards so he could get a look at the butt that everyone was so focused on back at the restaurant. It was a cute one for sure! Knowing that Ben had just filled her pussy a couple minutes ago, and being almost as big of an ass man as Dragon, he decided that’s where he’d go.

Ike got up and rolled Jordan over onto her stomach. A slight groaning sound came from her, but that was it. He positioned her in the middle of the bed and then climbed on top. Exploring the teen’s body had been enough to get his dick nice and stiff again. He spread her little white cheeks and began fucking Jordan in her ass. The bed rocked as his hairy, fat belly slammed against the young girl’s back. He got his small, rigid cock all the way up her butt. His fat ass jiggled as his hairy pelvis smacked against her little teenage bum. He held himself steady by holding one hand against the girl’s hip. He then took the other hand and grabbed her long brown hair, pulling so hard that her head lifted off the bed. He looked like a naked fat man trying to ride a bronco. All of a sudden he started to cum. It was probably the best orgasm he ever had. It seemed to go on and on. Fucking this adorable, young teen in her incredibly, tight little butt was good enough, but doing it in on her bed, surrounded by all of the pictures showing what a fucking hot little thing she was, had taken him over the edge.

He fumbled through the pockets of his pants that were now on the floor and pulled out his phone. He definitely wanted to commit this one to more than his memory. He took pictures of Jordan from all angles. He took pictures of her ass, her pussy, her full body lying on the bed. He took close ups of her face and a few of his pudgy hand cupping her small tit and pinching her nipples. He even took one of his now limp cock resting on the side of Jordan’s face. Finally, he took a couple of the pictures that he liked the most off her dresser, busted the frames, folded them and put them in his pocket. He put his pants back on and shuffled over to the other room.

Carol was no longer tied to the bed. They now had her gagged and hogtied on her side at the edge of the bed. Darnell was fucking her in her ass as the other two cheered him on. Dragon said he couldn’t leave until felt what it was like to be in a woman’s ass. Both He and Ben had fucked her while she had been tied to the bed. Dragon had made her suck his dick after he fucked her and was able to shoot one final load all over her face.

Ben had taken a pillowcase and was going through every drawer in the room. She had a shitload of jewelry which was now theirs. He came across a wad of cash that would be real helpful in the short term.

“I bet there’s 500 bucks here” he said as he held it up for the others to see.

As soon as Darnell deposited his load in Carol’s ass the four scrambled to get to get out of there. As they passed Jordan’s room Dragon looked in and saw that she was now face down on the bed, not like they had left her. He looked back at Ike and smiled.

“See, I told you. There’s nothing better than fucking a white teenage ass.”

“You can say that again, Bro. You can fucking say that again!!”
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Turgut 1 November 2012 05:19
Glad you finally have your power back! That must have been soooo hard! I can deiinftely understand why you didn't get much done I don't think I would have either. Things like that leave my mind to frantic to concentrate, even when I know there's nothing I can actually do about the situation. Anyway, I hope things are getting back to normal for you all!
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