The Secrets of Miss Jones

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Hello dear readers I hope you are enjoying my slow dominance over Amy. To tell you the truth she was the first person I successfully took control of since I learned of my heritage. I am the product of a mortal woman being raped by a demon. Now before start groaning about tentacles I assure I am still relatively human in form, in fact that only gift I inherited from dear dad is his strength, quick learning curve and most importantly his mesmerism ability. Sadly when I tried it out a couple of times I hadn't realized that I needed the woman's full eye contact so I ended up getting chastised by my supervisor Miss Jones for sexual harassment in the office. She offered to give me one more chance if I apologized to the women that I harassed. I was forced to swallowed my pride and agreed to do as she requested. She kept a watchful eye on me after that, now I have that bitch in my sights. She really isn't that hard on the eyes, about 5'9 and slender build with nice hips and a tight ass attached to some lovely legs. But what catches most men's attention are her D-Cup tits which she does her best to hide under her suit jackets. Since our talk I've had ample time to practice my skills and have already have one slave cleaning my house ready to suck me and my friends off at home. This cunt however I don't want to enslave in that manner, I want her under my control while not enjoying it at all. I've noticed that lately she's been coming into work before the building is open and working the computers for an hour then leaving. I've been lucky enough to be able to pass a subtle suggestion making her assistant my spy (it wasn't hard since she secretly hates the bitch) So I know her password and I decide to work late so I can do a little investigating of my own. Once the building is reasonably empty I sneak over to the bosses computer and start checking out what she's been up to and its even better than I thought. It turns out little Miss Hardnose has been stealing funds from some of our clients. The information was delicious as we work in one of the top investment firms in the city and this kind of thing could get her a lengthy prison sentence. Now I had the chance to do more then harass her and I was damn sure going to take it. I do some fancy tampering so she'll have no choice but to stay late trying to get into her computer to cover her tracks and then that's when I plan to make my move.
Through out the day I watch her as she seems to get more and more agitated, she keeps walking back and forth from her office to the security desk, but she's not going to find out anything since we don't always swipe when we leave which means there's no real tangible record of who left and at what time. My cock swells in my pants as I play out everything I'm going to make her do for me in my head. This wasn't going to be a one time deal, oh no she's was going humiliated worse than she humiliated me. I just had to be patient.
My patience pays off as the sun goes down leaving no one on the office floor except me, her a couple of stragglers, and the occasional wandering security guard and janitor. She's working late doing her best to cover her tracks, I walk into the office with my folder containing the evidence of all her wrong doing. She looks up at me her piercing eyes filled with anxiety.
“What are you doing here?” she barks. I casually sit on top of her desk.
“You've always been a stuck up bitch, getting on my case about sexual harassment. But you slipped up and now I'm going to do more than just harass you.”
“What do you mean?” she asks me a delicious twinge of fear in her voice.
“I have documented evidence of your after hours work, which would be a shame if it leaked out.”
“About what?” she asks putting on a relatively good poker face. I could almost admire her nerve trying to bluff her way out of trouble. I take some of the files out of my folder and present them in front of her.
“You've been stealing from the clients, naughty, naughty.” I watch as her smug little superior smile fades on her face.
“How did you find out?' she asked me as she tried to hide the panic in her eyes.
“You're not as smart as you think you are. You've pissed a lot of us off and some of us have been more then happy to snoop on you.” My cock is now really twitching as I watched her try to stay calm.
So, how can we sort out this little... misunderstanding,” she asks me suddenly being nicer to me than she's ever been.
“Now I could leak this information out, get you fired, maybe some jail time, or..” I carry on slowly, getting aroused as I watch the bitch squirm.
“Look... lets not be hasty... I could sort that promotion you always wanted.. how about it?” I better act soon or I'm going to burst soon, but watching this bitch knocked of her pedestal is delicious
“No,” I tell her “I'm tired of working under you, I would rather work over you,” Her eyes widen in fear and confusion. “So first you are going to apologize to me, you are going to say, I'm sorry I'm a stuck up bitch,” She looked at me with a withered look, she looked like she was about to protest but one look at my eyes and she could see that I knew I had her and I had no intention of giving up control now.
“Oh.. okay Tony.. I'm sorry... I'm really sorry I've been a stuck up bitch with you.” she said swallowing her pride. I look at her with an amused looked in my eyes
“Good, that's a start, so you agree that you have been bad to me
“Yes .. I have ... I really am sorry,” she said as she forced a smile for me
"And you agree that you should be punished," She was actually blushing when I said the word punish. I started to realize that her mind was starting to think gutter thoughts
“Yes ... but I don't want to go to jail! ... please can't we work something out? She looked at me hopefully. I grinned at her deciding to draw this out as long as I could
“Yes, what, Miss Jones,” she looked at me and closed her eyes, her face getting redder.
“I.. I ...punished”
"Ok, lets do this old school, take off your skirt. Do it slowly," I told her deciding that the flirting time was over and it was time to see some of her skin. She looked at me and the color faded from her face.
“I'm sorry ... did you say take off my skirt?” she said almost disbelievingly.
"Yes,” I got off of her desk and started looking for the wooden pointer I knew she kept around. She watched me with fear in her eyes "Otherwise, certain information gets leaked. So tell me Miss Jones, how many accounts have you stolen from, I have evidence of at least 9,” She blushed bright red
“I was going.. to put it all back honest” all the arrogance and confidence drained out of her face
"Sure you were, I said take off that skirt,"
“... you really mean it?”
"Yes, do it slowly," Her nostrils flared at the idea of being forced to strip for a lowly employee.
“You can't be serious” she said crossing her arms defiantly.
“You can either do it for me, or the dykes at the correctional institute,” The anger in her eyes slowly turned into misery and defeat.
“... okay” She unzipped slowly and start to push the skirt down over her hip. As she was stripping I pulled out my camera and started taking pictures.
“ hey .... what are you doing?” she asked as she saw the camera while her skirt fell lower
"I'm taking pictures for my screen saver, now smile while you take off your panties. She stepped out of her skirt
“Oh ... I suppose I have no choice ... do I?” I got the feeling that there was something else going on her as she started to unbutton her blouse even though I didn't tell her to.
"That's right, you feel bad for being such a bitch don't you."
“Yes Tony ... I do” she replied pulling the blouse of her shoulders
"You what? Say it"
“I feel bad for being such a bitch ... I need to make it up to you,” she said standing in her undies just shivering, but I was far from done with her
"Good continue, stripping and don't forget to smile for the pics, All your clothes" She didn't say nothing but continued to smile as she peeled off her panties to her knees, then sat down and peeled them off revealing that lovely ass. She then stood and watched as the camera as she started working on the clasp from her bra. She let it fall and gave me a clear view of her tits
“Satisfied Tony?” she asked me as she nervously sitting on the desk.
"Come over to the other side of your desk, and lean forward,” I told her, she didn't even resist this time.

"You still need to be punished, how I do it depends on your next answer" She just nodded knowing that she had no choice but to do as I told her "Are you a bitch, because your sexually frustrated, or because you're really a slutty masochist. She hesitated and actually bit her lip, her legs started twitching.
“I'm a slutty masochist,” she blurted out. I had to admit her response surprised me I was sure she was going to say that she was not that way, or the usual begging that they normally do.
"Then admit it again and beg to be punished" I told her, still not believing her
“ I'm a slutty masochist ... and I deserve to be punished ... please punish me Tony.” It wasn't the words it was the wide eyed way she looked at me that may be start wondering if she was indeed telling me the truth about herself.I push your head down and whacked your nice firm ass.
“Thank you Tony,” she almost purred. I smacked her ass again and though she cringed with the pain she also seemed to be getting off on it.
“You are a slutty little masochist aren't you and you will do whatever I tell you won' t you?"
“ Yes Master,” She responded just a little too quickly
"Then say it, say you are my slut slave and you will do whatever I command" I continued spanking her ass getting it nice and red.
“ am your slut slave Master ... and I will do whatever you command Master,” she stammered out “I promise Master”
"Tell me slave, do you want me to use my hand, my tounge or my cock on you next," she looked at me like a woman possessed.
“Your cock Master,”
"Really, and what do you want me to do with my cock, you little slut”
“ I want you to fuck your slave Master fuck her hard” I spread her legs and couldn't believe how wet she actually was. I think I found an even better secret than the thefts, she really was a slutty little masochist
"Slaves don't want anything," I said spanking your ass 7 times, “slaves beg, I want to hear you beg me as my little slut slave to fuck you" She started to blush but I could see her nipples getting harder she really wanted me to fuck her.
“Please, Master, I want to be your slut slave, I want you to fuck me like the dirty little slut I am, please I need your big cock in my pussy,”
“You beg very well Miss Jones. Very well want you to follow my instructions very carefully, first off I have access to the files and the money you don't, your fate is now in my hands, so from this moment on you are my toy to play with, when and where ever I see fit, say it” Her face went flush, and the fear returned in her eyes, she was probably hoping that I would keep our games confined in her office after hours, but now I told her that she would have to serve me for who knows how long. “Tell me that you are my personal fuck toy and that you will do whoever and whatever I tell you, and you will do it, wherever and whenever I tell you.”
“I.. I'm your personal fuck toy.. and...I will do whatever and whoever you want wherever and whenever you tell me,” the effort seemed to exhaust her as she stumbled off the desk.
“Good, now I have prepare you like one, first give me your cellphone,” she went over to her bag and got her phone for me. She looked at me as I gave her a sadistic smile “Now go over to the couch and play with your tits, I want you to fondle and pinch your nipples” She looked at me with a strange mix of fear and anticipation. She sat on her leather sofa her pussy sparkling with juices, She started fondling her breasts, She rubbed her hands all over them and then using the thumb and forefinger from each hand she started pinching her nipples. I was taking pictures with her phone, but then she started to get carried away as she cupped her nipples in her hands and started licking her nipples. I continued taking pictures as she molested herself. “Very good, tell me how does it feel being humiliated and degraded like .this” She looked at me, her face flushed red, and I could see shame building up in her face.
“ makes me wet, I.. like to be dominated, I'm excited right now,” she said nearly breathless. I was shocked to see the usually stern Miss Jones acting like a bitch in heat.
“Really, then beg me to do it more,tell me you've always wanted to be a slut slave and you need to be degraded.”
“Ye...yes, I've.. I've always been a s..slut but I want to be a slutslave. … I need to be degraded.” I held up her phone so she could see it.
“Alright tell me your pass code then you can rub your pussy”
“5253, can I please touch my pussy now” I nodded with a perverted smile. I watched as she ran her hands up and down her labia, I could see her reaching in her pussy with her fingers trying desperately to find her clitoris.
“Good now while playing with your pussy I want you to think of three things the Master of a masochist would make his slave do, just think about those three things while you play with yourself.” I start making changes on your phone. I point the phone at you.“Alright now when I say go, I want you to start the next thing you say with please or please make me, then the first thing you thought of and end with Master.” I could tell she was going crazy with desire, a woman's fingers could only do so much for her, she nodded and I couldn't tell if it was fear I saw in her eyes or anticipation.
“Don't nod, say it”
“Yes...Master, I understand.” she moaned as her fingers started to get really wet.
“Then go,”
“Please, make me a gangbang fuck toy for you and your friends Master,” Just when I thought this woman couldn't surprise me something new flies from her filthy little mouth.
“Very good Miss Jones and good behavior deserves a treat” I walked up to
where she was sitting “Now you want to pull out my cock and suck it don't you? 'I want you to say my name when you answer. In fact you only need to call Master two more times my little slut slave. Now use my name and tell me what you want.” She was already unzipping me when she looked up.
“Yes Tony, I want to suck your cock,” she pulled my long instrument out of my pants and started sucking like a vacuum cleaner. She kept surprising me as she made it obvious that she knew what the fuck she was doing. Her tongue rolled around the head of my cock as her head bobbed up and down. Fuck, I could feel her tongue going up and down my head.
“Yeah that's it, don't forget my shaft and my balls” I reached down and start feeling up her tits. I tweaked her nipples a little bit and was rewarded with a satisfied moan escape past her lips as she rolled her tongue over my shaft and balls.“Alright slut slave think of the second thing and when I say go you will speak in the exact same manner as the first ending with Master.” she rolled her tongue back up to the head of my cocks and started sucking again. I angled the phone and start recording her as her head bobs up and down on my cock. “Look at the camera Miss Jones, now go”
“Please make me masturbate in public Master”
“That's right Miss Jones now I just might forget one of the people you stole from. Do you want me to fuck you now? Say my name and ask politely”
“Please, Tony I want you to fuck me, I need your big cock in me.” One look at her face and I saw she was lost in lust.
“That's right you naked little slut play with those titties and I'll fuck you.” I watched as she starts fondling her tits. Her fingers pinching her nipples as her free hand started inching towards her exposed pussy. She entertained me straight into an erection so I my stuck my 11 inches slowly in her pussy enjoying the humiliation she must have been feeling. I continued to pound into her, months of bottled up aggression coming out in one night.
“Now Miss Jones think of the third thing and repeat the procedure” She looked at me and I could see the panic in her eyes, either she didn't think that far ahead, or she was afraid to say what she was thinking. I looked at her with a cruel grin. “Should I pull out then,” I asked her.
“No, please don't it feels so good,” she said actually grabbing me and trying to grind some more into me. I couldn't believe what a thrill it was seeing my once bitchy supervisor now just being my bitch in heat.
“Then say something for the camera,” she bit her lip and her face went even more flush.
“Please make me suffer in front of my employees,” she said, I swear I saw her eyes sparkle with that suggestion.
“How give me details,” I honestly did want to know what was going through her perverted little mind.
“I... I'll keep them late, really piss them off, then you'll order me to strip for them and let them pinch me, spa..spank my ass, grope my tits”
“Fuck your pussy,” I interrupted her, she just looked down and nodded her head. I could feel the cum building up in me and I was ready to finish with her for now. “The women to?' she blushed even redder I started to slow my pace “Answer me,”
“Yes anyone who wants to abuse me can,” I looked at her, tears flowing down her eyes as she revealed her secret shame.
“Beg me to make you eat pussy, while you get fucked in the ass.” She looked at me with mixed pleading, but I didn't care she was mine now to do with what I pleased.
“P..p.. please Master, make me eat my secretary’s pussy while the staff fucks me in the ass,” I couldn't help but think what the fuck is wrong with this woman, she keeps making things worse for herself. She truly was a masochist and this made start pumping her even harder.
“Alright bitch, you can call me by my real name, does that cock feel good you want more?'
“Yes, Tony, please fuck me more, I want to feel your cock in me.” I plowed into her and just as why was about to cum I pulled out.
“Get on your knees and finish me with your tits and tongue,” one look at my face and she could tell I wasn't kidding. She got on her knees and wrapped her tits around my cock and bounced them around while running her tongue over the head of my cock. Basking in humiliation and her secret shameful fetish, I finally couldn't take anymore and I blew my load all over her face and tongue. I emptied out and let her go to the bathroom to get cleaned up. When she finally exited I was waiting for her with her phone. “I've programmed the video and sound of you begging for humiliation into three separate ringers and changed the code on your phone. Now listen little slut slave these are the new rules, when I phone to give you instructions one of those videos will appear depending if its my cell, office or home number. Regardless of which one you will keep your phone at a hear-able volume at all times, when you hear your special ring tones you will let it ring three times before picking it up” Her face went red and she sobbed but nodded her head “You will always reply by saying hello Master your slut slave is ready for cock, do you understand?” I could tell she was thinking about how she would feel if someone heard her secret suddenly being blurted out, and what was worse she had to let be exposed a little while.
“Yes Master, your little slut slave understands” I could tell by the way her leg was twitching that she was both scared and anxious for the next step.
“Alright slut slave this is what's going to happen next, you are going to come to this address in about four hours. Because if you don't well, I'm certain you'll look really pretty in prison clothes. Oh and when you get to my mailbox I want you to follow the instructions I leave you.” I leave my home address on a note pad on her desk and leave knowing that she will obey everything I tell her for now on.

The sun had gone down when Miss Jones car appeared in front of my house. I watched from my bedroom window on the second floor as she got out and approached my mailbox and read the simple instructions I left for her. They were pretty easy to follow she was to take off all her clothes and crawl the rest of the way to my house. I watched to see what she would do next. I didn't tell her I would be watching her because I wanted to see how great her fear was. Secretly I hoped she wouldn't do as instructed. I watched with eager anticipation as she started walking to my house. Oh wait now you're second guessing huh bitch I thought to myself. I watched as she took a step back at the mailbox and began to strip. Then she got on her hands and knees and started crawling to my house her bag around her neck. Her humiliation was something I wanted to savior. I watched as she crawled naked to my house. She had stuffed her crap in my mailbox and I knew I would have to do something about that. She made it to my door. I ran down to greet her and opened the door to see her kneeling in all her glory.
“Did I say you could stuff your crap in my mailbox, crawl back over there and get it out of there.” I ordered her enjoying her failed attempts to follow orders
“But I can't carry all my stuff and crawl back here,” she whined.
“Then use your teeth that's what bitches do and make more than one trip if you have to,” She put her head down and started to crawl back to the mail box but this time she was noticed by one of my teenage neighbors. My neighbor's son was a disrespectful little punk and seeing a hot busty blonde crawling naked was something he couldn't resist. He went to his bedroom window and whistled.
“Hey baby, why don't you crawl over here,”. I could almost see her glowing blush even without the binoculars as he continued to taunt her. It was funny watching her as she had her blouse bra and underwear in her mouth. The clothes dragging behind her as she crawled back to my door step. I took the clothes from her and she crawled back to get her shoes and stockings. I was pleased that she realized that all your clothes meant all your clothes. I watched her sweet ass wiggle as she crawled. She crawled back and with her shoes and stockings at this point I was ready to fuck her brains out. Instead for the moment I just patted her on the head. “That's a good little bitch,” I tell her as I took the shoes and Nylons from her and threw them in the closest by the door. I couldn't help but notice how nice and perky her nipples were becoming, as I suspected she was enjoying her humiliation like a real masochist. But I wasn't planning on using her not tonight. Tonight I just wanted to cause her a lot of pain .
'Follow me,” she stood up I grabbed her hair and slammed it into the wall “I didn't tell you to stand did I?” She looked at me in shock, but caught my meaning fast and got down on all fours again.
'Don't get your hopes up slut,” she looked up at me a puzzled look on her face. “You seem to think this is about your pleasure, it's not its about mine” I took her down to my basement, which I have made into a little makeshift dungeon complete with w collection of whips to bring the little cunt pain. I pulled out a cat o nine tails. Her eyes widened in fear, It was a nylon fibre discomfort without questionable marks afterwards.
“Please Tony,” she whimpered
“You think the dykes might be more gentle in prison?” that silenced her. “Now stick that nice ass up in the air,” She hesitated and I could see it was humiliation not pain that was a turn on for her. I hit her with the belt again knowing she would take it. But it wasn't enough for me. “Beg for more,” she looked at me with fear in her eyes. “If you're enjoying it, then it really isn't a punishment is it?” I could actually see her trying to hold back tears of frustration, now it was a punishment.
“Please....” she said, almost a whimper.
“Please what?” I replied toying with her.
“Please, beat me some more,” she said bowing her head down.
“Why?” I asked her. She looked at me in desperation and confusion.
“Because.. I, I deserve it?” I smacked her again.
“That's a start” I continued beating her and almost every time she had to thank me and beg for some more. After I was sure she had more than enough I stopped. Her breasts were covered in welts. “Now raise you ass in the air” she complied showing no eagerness or pleasure. “My hand if your good the whip if your bad, what are you?” She looked at me pleading in her eyes. I raised the whip and struck her ass. “What are you?” she began to put her ass down. “If you lower that ass without my permission I'll contact one of your victims and give him a choice between pressing or having you serve him as a part time whore,” She raised her ass “what are you?”
“Y..your whore,” I spanked her with my hand
“And what else?'
“A.. I'm a dirty slut,”
“And my whore! Say them both together.”
“I'm a dirty slut and your whore,” she cried out.
'Good girl would you like some ice for those bruises,” she nodded her reply looking half exhausted. I think she would have agreed to anything at that point just to stop the pain. But I wasn't done with her by a long shot. I was lucky to have met a disgruntled sculptor some months ago whose ex also needed a lesson in manners. I helped him and in exchange he would carve some specific items out of ice for me. Still I had to be sure that Miss Jones realized who was really in charge for now on. I walked over to the wall, where I hang my duct tape. She winced as she saw the roll of duct tape, I told her to put her arms behind her back or else. I smiled as she complied and I taped her arms together with as much tape as I could spare. I then showed her the ice brassier that I had custom made for her. I had to attach a lot of tape to it I wanted it to stay on.
“Not that please,” she begged me. I smiled her fear was delicious to me.
“Hold still or it will hurt even more,” I told her. She screamed and started to breath heavy as the ice stuck to her skin. “Oh this is only the beginning” I told her. “Now stand right there and I'll be right back.” I imagined her just standing her the ice burning her tender breasts and nipples. I went and got my pleasure bench. She watched as I wheeled it out the fear on her face was the sweetest thing to me. It was four feet off the ground with shackles on either side to lock her feet into place. `Get on the bench you cunt,` I could tell she was not enjoying herself.When she got on the bench I revealed the 10 inch ice dildos I stuck it through the holder in the bench and right up her pussy. I then grabbed the special one I had prepared for her ass, ice sculptured anal beads. I slowly shoved them one by one in her ass “Now open your mouth” I ordered. She was breathing hard but she opened up her mouth. I applied a harness with a plastic ring attached to keep her mouth opened for the phalis shaped ice pop that I had made especially for her I shoved the cherry flavoured treat in her mouth. “Now be a good little slut and do your best to make them melt” She screamed and pleaded through the jaw ring to let her go. I laughed and showed her a document to remind her who was really in charge I waited a little while watching her body heat melt her new toys. She writhed in pain and perhaps a little bit of guilty pleasure. I watched as her toys began to melt in her. I was not done with her yet but my morbid curiosity wanted literally to know what was the hottest part of her. I watched as she twitched and cried, cherry syrup running down her lips. The ice beads in ass looked like they were ready to break from the amount that had melted them. I removed them“It looks like you need a little warming up,” Her ass was red with the cold as the ice melted in her. My cock harder than I ever saw it before and despite the cold water I plunged it into her asshole. Now with most males cold water causes shrinkage in them, for me though it’s the exact opposite as my cock invaded her the ice water made me even harder. Her hips started grinding towards my cock grateful for the sudden burst of warmth which caused her to orgasm almost immediately. Her orgasm was so powerful that she bit through the special ice pop I made for her and I knew where I had to stick my cock next. Her lips were a frostbitten cherry mess. I removed the remains of the ice pop from her mouth and stuck it in her ass “A trade up” I told her, I put my hot dirty cock in her mouth where her tongue desperate it for more warmth enveloped it. I shoved my cock through her lovely lips her tongue instinctively rolling on my shaft desperate for its warmth. She knew there was something nice and warm for her mouth and she was desperate for it. For her it was an attempt to thaw her frozen mouth, for me however it was a game what would give first my cock or the ice one melting in her pussy. Her tits must have been in sheer agony as the ice was melting around her ample bosom. “Alright Miss Jones I'm going to let you off the bench so I can warm up that pussy would you like that?” She nodded her head weakly. I observed that the dildo had broken off inside of her and was already melting in her pussy. “Say please,” I told her as I untied the harness around her jaw.
“Please, Tony, fuck my cold wet pussy, I want your hot thick cock to warm me up,” Then to my surprise she stuck out her tongue and started to lick whatever part of my cock she could reach while I removed the rest of the harness.
“Bend over hands on the bench” I ordered my slutty boss. I watched as ice water ran down her body underneath the duct tape. I spit on my fingers and checked her pussy. She was cold, but hopefully not numb. I teased her clit with the head of my cock. She moaned and even bucked her hips. “Do you want it you dirty whore,” I asked her. Her face went crimson and I knew it wasn't because of the ice.
“Yes, I... I really want your cock in me please,”
“I took my cock and plunged it into her taking all the frustration I felt for the past few days and turning it into a sexual ramming force.I teased her a bit more before ramming into her. She screamed as a sudden sensation filled her pussy after being exposed to the ice for so long. I pushed it in her over and over again, filling her with a sudden burst of warmth; she screamed and pushed her hips against me needing more.

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