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Necro Porn | 28-06-2015, 19:25  

Peachy Keen Film-Wanting To Die

Peachy Keen Film-Wanting To Die
Starring: Keeley
This video features: silencer shooting undressing teen necro_play ***** bladder_release postmortem_sex facial

Keeley is a good looking, depressed, alcoholic, pill-popping, woman that just broke up with her boyfriend and now she wants to die.

She goes to a place that can kill those who want to die in any way they choose. She wants to be slowly shot.

They give her drugs to lengthen her resistance and reduce the pain a little. In addition, it makes her really horny so when she is alone in the room, she masturbates for a while.

When it is time, the killer sits besides her and slowly and meticulously shoots her in various places.

About 4 shots into the process, she changes her mind and wants to call it off. He informs her it is too late and continues to shoot her.

When she is really weak, she uses her hand to give him a hand job.

Once she is dead, he fucks her, then cums all over her face.

All in all, he shoots her 12 times, including two pussy shots. She also pees 3 times over the course of being shot.

Peachy Keen Film-Wanting To Die
Peachy Keen Film-Wanting To Die
Peachy Keen Film-Wanting To Die

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#1 wrote: Caleb (25 December 2014 18:01)
I read about your book. I am going to love it. First of all, the cover is amazing, that girl looks like you, miss Leslie :) I love the sujecbt, the world, everything. I can't wait for it to appear. I loved the interview! So you are a TVD fan? Me too. ~ Damon <3 ~ I think chocolate is the guilty pleasure of all writers. :D Good luck with all the publishing stuff, and hopefully, we will get to read the book as soon as possible :)

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