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Necro Porn | 26-05-2012, 08:31  

Strangler's Point of View

Strangler's Point of View
Strangler's Point of View Strangler's Point of View Strangler's Point of View

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#1 wrote: Raphaela (25 December 2014 17:20)
Oscar: I hadn't noticed the dual aourths. It is the sort of concept that requires the efforts of two dedicated minds.MrIndie Day: "I don't know if this is supposed to induce arousal or vomit." I think a subtle combination of the two is the correct response.Matthew: They should commission you to write cover blurbs for all of theuir books in the form of lewd limericks. And the thing is, I don't know that it would actually make them any weirder.Tulkinghorn: It's surprising how stylish and normal some of those covers made Keeler's work look. Quite what his publishers made of him I do not know.Stuart: Just iamgine what a classy job they would have made of a book with a title like 'The Nigger Factory'.

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