Peachy Keen Films-A Danger To The Community

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David runs a biz, and he heads to the bank to get a loan, as he's done a few times before, but this time, an uptight tart named Alexandra is the one he deals with, and she tells him that his demand for a loan has been denied on moral lands. David requests to know what that means and she tells him it is because his "biz" is porn, which is a hideous, sinful and immoral biz.

David won't have this, this whore forcing her outdated morality on him, his biz and his workers, so he captures her by her hair and pokes her head into the desk two times, then tosses her to the ground. He shoves her up against the wall and puts a knife to her gullet and tells her that she is going to witness exactly what's "immoral"

She of course pleads for her life, but he strikes on her and tosses her down. He gets on her computer and clicks approve on his pending loan, then wraps duct gauze around the tramps wrists and gullet and hauls her off to his studio.

He lifts her up on a raise with her palms over her head and commences cutting her clothes off of her and taunts the horrified prig by finger-tickling her cootchie, then hauls her off to rope her onto the X. She pleads and prays for him to leave her alone, but he hasn't embarked his joy yet. He twists her puffies making her moan, then grasps a faux-cock and smashes her cock-squeezing twat, then uses a vibrator on her forcing her to climax.

He brings her to a mattress and ties her with restraints, then commences to plow her face, then tosses her down and licks her out then rapes her cock-squeezing puss until he spunks. He puts her back on the winch and orders her to inhale his schlong and gobble his sack, panicked for her life, she unwillingly conforms, and after a great spank to the face commences to deep-throat his meatpipe like she means it until he shoots a load all over her face.

He leaves her dangling on the winch for a bit to think about things, when he comes back she pleads him not to kill her, but he has other plans and wraps a strap around her neck and throttles her until she is dead, then takes a photo of her hammered and used corpse for the next slut who attempts to turn down him a loan to see.

Peachy Keen Films-A Danger To The Community

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