The Guillotine-The Photographer and the Guillot

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The episode is a restrain bondage model/damsel in trouble peril flick and photography shoot for a restrain bondage and gam fetish site. The model (A) arrives wearing a brief skirt/blouse (in the John Willie/Gwendolyn tradition) and stiletto high-heeled shoes (alternately a spandex or leather outfitЕ.I donТt know what costuming is available). The camera guy explains that he will be binding her up and she will be posing in a multitude of postures that highlight her УperilФ but are concentrated on her gams. The guillotine is in the apartment, but presently facialed up. I would like this filmed so that her gams are viewable in their entirety via the flick.

He asks her to put her hair up, and he trusses her upper figure tightlyЕhands behind her back, straps around her elbow etc. He then directs her to posture in a multiplicity of gigs, showcasing her УterrorФ and featuring her legsЕwrithing to get of her bonds, etc. She is moving around the facialed guillotine, even sitting on the beam, crossing her gams, and wondering what it is under the sheetЕhe defers these questions as he tells her he wants to record her actual УshockФ when she observes what it isЕ

He gets a phone call and excuses himself, and her curiosity gets the nicer of her and she controls to get the adorn off of the guillotine while he is out of the apartment. It is set up for a getting down on all fours beheading. She is a tiny scared at very first, and asks him what it is all about when he returnsЕ.

He tells her he was expecting that she revealed it as a camera has took hold of her shock. He ensures her it is just a innocent prop and part of the sequence. He tells her he would like to place her in itЕshe is hesitant and resists, but he quiets her and tells her it is just a prop. She tells him she is concerned heТll trick her or that it would accidently cut off her head, but reassures her.

He has her position on the beam in all sorts of postures with her gams, then ultimately asks if she is prepared to put her head in the lunette under the bladeЕ she is jumpy, but she says she trusts him. Leisurely and carefully, she gets down on all fours down and she gawps at the machine.

She is averse at very first, but you coax her, and over time she glides into the lunette and you pull the stocks down. She is jumpy at first-ever, but kind of aroused by it once her neck is under the blade. She comments about how acute it looked and how both startled and revved people must have been when met with execution by the instrument. She asks how she might glance sans a headЕyou reassure her that albeit she would sight good, that she neednТt worry about thatЕit is all safe.

She then muses about what it would be like to lose her head, how it is actually kind of a turn on to think about being a doll in trouble and having her head actually cut off, what you do with her once she was headlessЕ.and you both kind of laugh it off.

You tell her to activity like she is truly going to be beheaded and action afraidЕ.in answer, she УbegsФ you to save her head. After a lil' of this, you ask her to now activity like she wants to be beheadedЕsheТs getting into it and commences УbeggingФ you to behead herЕyou ask her to do it, again and againЕ.sheТs getting into it, overactingЕ ultimately say, Уwell, if you insistФЕshe realizes what you are going to do, sobs УnoФ but you unleash the bladeЕ

..Her figure quivers, gams crush. The camera concentrates on her headless bodyЕ.you liquidate the leather basketЕ.

Gig changes to an NBM gig with headless figure on a stool, crossing her legs.

The Guillotine-The Photographer and the Guillot

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