The Guillotine-The Friends and the Guillotine

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доп поле скриншотов

One damsel (Chloe) invites a pal (Faye) over to a her beau's room...she has just moved in with him and has learned he is indeed into some naughty things. They are having a few gulps and getting ditzy, so Chloe asks Faye if she loved to go into her bf's secret apartment....the episode switches as they inject a apartment with a guillotine. It is set up for a getting down on all fours beheading. Faye is enthusiastic...she has always had a restrain bondage and beheading desire...she asks if it is real...Chloe reacts, that it is just a prop...highly safe. So Faye sits down on the slat and embarks fooling around, posing her gams....caressing the blade....opening the lunette.

She then asks Chloe if she can put her head in it....Chloe reacts "sure", but I should very likely truss you up if you are going to be decently beheaded." She binds Faye's palms behind her back and they are both musing over the idea of beheading. how super-steamy they'd view sans their goes, what their boyfriends might do with their headless figures, etc. Chloe then places Faye in the guillotine in a getting down on all fours posture. We witness her figure in utter from the side.

They are still frolicking around, Chloe admiring Faye's gams, etc. Faye muses about her desire, how warm it is to be in the guillotine, how defenseless she perceives, and how much she actually would now like to lose her head. Chloe reacts "I can arrange that" and whips out the guillotine, thinking it is still just a prop. But surprise, Faye is beheaded....she gives a lil' punch as her head droplets and we witness it fall into the basket.

Chloe is terrified that she has beheaded her pal. She pulls her off the we witness Faye in a stool, headless, forearms still trussed behind her back. Chloe is in the process of putting herself into the guillotine, then cuffs her palms behind her own back. She can't live with the thought of killing her mate. She muses over the tho' of what her bf will do when he finds 2 headless damsels in his have fun apartment.

The pinch completes with both headless ladies, still trussed, sitting down, crossing their gams in NBM fashion.

The Guillotine-The Friends and the Guillotine

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