Peachy Keen Films-Nurse Retreat

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Starring.Emma Beth Emily Logan Karina

Karina, Emma and Emily are inebriated, in their motel apartment, at a medical convention. Conveniently, they sit around in their scrubs, toying cards and having joy. They determine to call Emily's former bf who is a masculine stripper. She tells them he is a utter man, but super-naughty. She right on one count, he IS kinky. After gulping all their alcohol, he puts on a comical showcase of his so-called studliness, but the only person that is amazed is Emily and like paramours in fever, they head off to the bedroom to catch up on lost time. Karina and Emma are still recovering from the action and jokily comment about Chris's assets. He hears this while attempting to get it on with Emily. She makes the error of chortling too and in a fury he knocks her out. Meantime, Karina has gone to the douche to wash up and Emma lodges on the bed. Chris captures a string and attacks Emma. They grapple about for a while until he can get her up on a table where he gets a killing hold on her. She has no opportunity -- her head ***** off the table and her eyes bug out as she attempts to find air. After a while she is still and Chris undresses her and looks over her scorching youthful figure. Hearing Karina come out of the shower, he ducks down, then leisurely creeps towards her. Lunging at her, he catches her by surprise and thrusts her against a half-wall. He pinches her with the wire from the coffee-maker, wrapping it around her neck and leaning her back over the wall. She struggles rock-hard, but he is highly decided to kill her. As she fights, Chris reveals her meaty sugary-sweet udders. She liberates her power and finally begins slipping down. He lets her fall, the coffee-maker crashing to the floor beside her. As he gets up, he watches Emily, shocked, coming out of the bedroom. He seizes her by the neck and throws her over Karina's assets, throughout the apartment, where she grounds on the sofa. Then, before she knows what is happening, he picks her up by her neck, dragging her along the wall, then hoists her up off the ground and smothers her against the wall. It is fairly private with her and you can witness this as he gawps into her dying face. It takes a while, but once she is dead, he lays her on the sofa and liquidates her garment and massages her bod. He hears a knock at the door. Opening it, Logan pumps out in, unsuspecting, and conversing nonstop on her box phone. She steps right over Karina's dead figure with a casual howdy, then, realizing something is wrong, turns right into Chris's awaiting forearm. She is thrown down on the coffee table and he palm strangles her. She puts up a supreme fight, kneeing up her gams dressed in milky nurses scrubs. Her sandals are crushed off one at a time and she is barefooted. He looks into her ample doe-eyes as he kills her. He raises her tee-shirt and cums her yam-sized jugs out of her brassiere and sees them shake. When she is dead, he gathers up the tips he made and leaves.

Peachy Keen Films-Nurse Retreat

Runtime : 39min 15s
File Size : 668 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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