Peachy Keen Films-Not So Happy Ending

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Not So Happy Ending. Starring Stevie Lix

Face down, nude under his towel and trying to relieve into the rubdown table, the guy attempts to care as his massagist describes her progress as she administers what might technically qualify as a rub-down - he stays unconvinced. She trains him to slow his sighing so Уthe power will all go to the right placesФ but is unwilling to address the pulsing source of his stress. Another irritating minute passes as her soft-skinned but unsatisfying fondle only frustrates him to farther hardness. Bored with her voice, the non-erogenous contact with her mitts and unprofessional attitude regarding his highly reasonable demand for a blessed finishing. Confident the situation will not result in any suitably potent shape of ease, the stud picks up a diminutive instrument he had left in effortless reach. With a button press, time stops around him. He flip onto his back and leisurely hoists his stare up the toned gams, taut kinks and spandex-squeezed orbs of the fetching masseur. But it was her lips, hardly parted, wet and seductive - caught mid-sentence that fired the blood into his abruptly much tighter manstick. He seizes the back of her neck, pulling her open jaws down onto his pillar - the itch of his irritability all of a sudden soothed by her steaming, moist man-pleaser. He milks himself with her head - his full salute dick cramming the diameter of her moist jaws and lengthening deeper into the red-hot, smooth muscle of her tongue, little by little thrusting past itТs resistance and into her hatch. It was unlikely to tell how lengthy he pleasured himself into her orifice - he had all the time in the world. After exactly the right number of sticks into the back of her facehole, his subjective awareness did finally fountain a torrent of gigantic jism deep into her.

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Fetish Elements: Violence, Forced BJ, Graphic Sexual Content, Punching, Face Fuck, Drool, Suffocation, Body Views, Body Play.

Peachy Keen Films-Not So Happy Ending

Runtime : 18min 15s
File Size : 253 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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