Peachy Keen Films-My Sister Was a Spy

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My Sister WAS a Spy. Starring AVN Award Nominee. Winner and Presenter. Penny Pax. Directed By John Marshall

He was astonished when his step-sister flashed up. He had not seen her in months. She travels all over the world, doing unspecified work. They hugged and reminisced before getting down to business--the biz of lovin'. Yup what they had as sibling was a spark that just kept searing.

When it was over, he was weary, like he always was after a superb love-making session and collapsed on the bed--his sis retiring to the bed to give her step-brother uninterrupted sleep.

She knew he would go out fast--he always had. And that was the plan and exactly why she volunteered for this job when fresh swept the web about his startup, and the code that would make any corporate webpire pay billions for his tiny company.

Her job, get that code. Research flashed that he always took the data home with him. She searched his place. After a few minutes of finding nothing amid her brothers bachelor clutter, she found it. A firm drive total of secrets.

She was just about well-prepped to leave when he came up behind her, snatched the drive and told her what he thought of her before wrapping her tights around her.

The smother was strenuous, They dropped into the bed, then down to the floor. Her gams kneeing insanely and like the flamy red-haired she was, she put up a violent battle.

But he was furious, and killing her was what he had to do. They flopped on the floor, her assets and gams twisting this way and that. The garrote digging into her hatch, her face crimson, tongue and eyes widening outer. And she was a fighter, forearms waving, clawing shoving, whatever she could do. She would not go down like this.

But she would. The struggling slowed, her bod grimaced, and ultimately, her face was still--eyes and throat open. She looked so pretty and he will miss their occasional relationship. He did not think having her one more time would be an issue--at least not for her.

He scooped her up, laid her on the couch, and plowed her signaling, humid, widely opened facehole crevice. After a while of that, he had her dangling off the verge of the sofa and was porking her corpse deep as her will-less head smashed on the floor.

When he was ended, he laid beside her and tho the earpiece he was wearing all along, he told them---it was done. He was not a sell out. He would be rewarded for her death, undoubtedly, but in his mind, it was just, self-protection. The advance warning from her stiff, tho', was ultra-cute. It is too bad his sis had stepped on one to many toes in her rise thru the ranks. Be he always knew, she would plumb over and poke anyone to get ahead--including her own brother.

Peachy Keen Films-My Sister Was a Spy

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