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A youthful damsel reads her magazine and sips some tea she brewed from some leaves she found in a jar. As she swallows the tea, she begins to sense unusual, getting a tightness in her gullet and pecs, she guzzles more to attempt and quench the kittle in her facehole that is turning into a searing sheer pleasure. As she captures at her mouth and then sips more to conclude it off, expecting that the systemic response will pass, but instead her airway leisurely closes and she gags gasps and flails, bowl hammering the floor and her assets going into seizures flopping from the couch to the floor after visibly salivating and coughing up fluids. She seizes at her hatch and face turns crimson, and then she heads hetero and embarks to rattle and die, kneeing her soles as her boots come off and her messy socks are unveiled. She spasms and flops until she is still and broad saw, throat open dead. As she lays there dead for a while, in comes her hubby who just got off work. He is not well-prepped for what he witnesses and heads to test her pulse, eyeing the bowl and the jar on the counter, he knows it is his samples from the rain woods that he was going to experiment with for a fresh drug, but unluckily he drowned it in the back of the cabinet where she would never view. He gropes her and scoops her up setting her bod on the bed. He smooches her and fumbles her face, stinky her soles and socks, then pulling her tank top down to watch her brilliant bumpers. He pins and fellates on them as her plays with her. He stands up and gets her soles over the forearm of the bed, stinking them and snuffling the feet of her sloppy milky socks. He then gropes the feet thru his trousers on his man rod, which gets him excited as he does it a few times pawing them rock-hard against his goods. After luving her soles for a bit he fondles her pubes and observes she was raw thinking about him coming home, but he is fairly upset and scoops her up bringing her close to him, stinkin' and smooching her neck and hair attempting to think about how things used to be. He falls asleep with his marvelous dead wifey in his forearms, dreaming of what to do next... sans her.

Superb OD and death sequence wow she is truly excellent at this. Thanks Genetica! CB


Runtime : 11min 0s
File Size : 193 MB
Resolution : 768x432


Category: Necro Porn
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