Peachy Keen Films-Schoolgirl Massacre

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Schoolgirl Massacre. Starring Logan, Emily, Karina and Emma Beth

4 ladies, all high college cheerleaders staying in a motel apartment for a local competition are all getting well-prepped to go out and cruise for studs. Unluckily, one of the dolls, the daughter-in-law of a local politician had been targeted for elimination. The damsel chat proceeds as they get prepped when the door opens and a fellow in a lovely suite comes in. There is lil' time for any of the femmes to realize what is happening. He is so casual and callus as he commences his work. Aiming his muffled pistol, he ambles up to the first-ever lady at the mirror. She is encountering him and he fires one rapid shot into her heart. She flies up against the counter--a puddle of ***** showing up on the mirror behind her. Next he takes out the 2nd gal, she falls back into the empty molten tub---a heart shot inbetween her ample pointy boobs. The other 2 ladies are starting to realized what is happening, but it is too late. He ambles up to the 3rd doll, again, firing a single kill shot to the torso, then wags around to the last lady. He asks her her name, but before she could accomplish her response he shoots her in the forehead--a piece of ***** and brain striking the wall behind her. His job now complete--the target and all witness--dead.

Thus is the life of a hitman, go in, do the job, regardless of age, race, gender and looks. This might have been a harsh one for some, youthfull nymphs, still in high college, just kicking off to live. He had no time for guilt or regret less he be out of work. He calls the office, reports the job, asks for a cleaner--the usual procedure.

Today it was a fresh guy--a trainee named John. John was highly eager--wanted to work his way up the ranks, but Chris could tell, he was not well-prepped for it--immature and just working on the unspoiled excite. No matter, he would **** around, supervise, make sure he didn't pulverize the episode up. Unclothe the clothes, smear for prints, sweep for residues--easy as pie. John attacked his first-ever corpse with vigor---pulling off her clothes and pulling her assets down from the counter she was on. He ended unwrapping her, attempting to casually fumble her, but not too demonstrable to get in grief. He moved on to the gal in the bath. It was stiffer to get her clothes off, but at least the bath giving a place for the ***** to run--less cleanup afterwards. He checked her out a bit then moved onto the damsel on the table. Like the rest, she was highly red-hot, but unlike the rest, he could not stand against taking a few liberties. He put his throat on her still super-hot flesh, deep-throats her titty, stretches her gams and gets a fine eat of her taut teen poon. Mmmm. Then he went to the last girl--the target and the reason why all these other youthfull chicks had to die. She was excellent too, giant, ample titties--he toyed with them a bit as he got her clothes off. Eventually, he could not stand it and needed to leave the apartment to accomplish some biz. Chris sneered, newbie's--they were all the same when it came to youthful super-steamy dead bods. He determined John would be able to treat it just excellent, said his goodbyes and leaves, leaving the camera time to pan all the pretty corpses.

Peachy Keen Films-Schoolgirl Massacre

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