Peachy Keen Films-Fatal Knowledge

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Fatal Knowledge. Starring Melissa Moore. Directed by John M

Melissa's bf is one bad stud and his associate thinks she has given information to the cops. She insists she hasnТt but that is not enough to stop him from tossing a striking crush. The bashing follows, inhale after deep-throat, a crush to her tender belly, a knee to her vag, she prays for him to believe her. His thick forearms seizes her jaws suffocating her until she passes out. He hauls her splendid will-less figure away.

She awakens in what can only be described as a kill apartment. Her sensitive wrists hung above her and her stellar dark-hued high-heeled shoes just hardly rubbing the cardboard floor. Her boyfriend's associate still volatile emerges, landing more blows to her abdomen. Apparently her pretty tiny bleeding lips won't puddle if he doesn't step up his game. A baseball bat? He bashes her in the gut like he,s attempting for a home run. She pleads for him to stop, horrified. Hmm, foul ball. He brings out a knife, maybe the dread of being stabbed will get her to chat. He cuts away her slinky ebony sundress. But why kill her now? He's having way too much joy observing her panicked lil' bra-stuffers shiver.

He brings out and electrical vibrator. Not mighty enough? He attempts the cattle prod. She still wonТt talk! The flogger? He disrobes her nude with the knife, cutting her brassiere away to let her doughy titties spin out. He senses up her shuddering figure, up to her udders and then twists a nip as rigid as he can until it starts to bleed. The torment and interrogation proceeds. He attempts everything, not leaving behind the classical car battery. She eventually gives it up after he finger screws her cooch into sublimation.

It's time to have a bit of joy with her before he disposes her. First-ever is a uber-cute ebony cumbot. He jams it in her puss so she can taste her own splooge. Her tears only inspire him more. Gripping a vibrator he presses it to her, letting the stimulations overpower her horror and sorrow in her predicament bondage. Where's the joy in it for him? He determines it's time to attempt her utter, sugary rosy lips. Slobber runs down her chin as she is compelled repeatedly to gag on his dick and gargle his testicles.

Laying out a mattress, he handcuffs her ankles to her wrists so she is flawlessly opened up eagle before him, her snatch shiny with her testicle tonic. He pokes her on her back gasping her to tighten her up, before putting her on her face, butt gay-for-pay in the air. Her tears and sobs of regrettable elation silenced by the mattress. He leaves her lounging on the couch to reflect upon this bawdy attack.

He comes back to her coiled framework to permit her to make fine on her preceding compelled blowage by providing him one like she luvs it. This time, with no struggle left in her she takes his knob in her throat, imagining her beau who she knows by now she will very likely will never observe again. He luvs this deep throat and blows a large flow throughout her scars face. Her use as a living soul over he smothers her with a garrote until her figure heads will-less. He determines to tear up her one last time in peace and dead tranquil. Coming faster this time, he dumps his nut sack on her corpse, leaving her hammered assets behind decorated with jizm and slaver on the mattress.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nakedness, Groping, Fake penis, Electro-hitachi, Oral pleasure, Intercourse, Coerced Climax, Clothes Cutting, Bashing, Kicking, Striking, Smacking, Lashing, Electrical Shock, Nip Twisting, Hair Pulling, Restrain bondage, Mitts Overhead, Lashing, Baseball Bat, Cattle Prod, Handcuffs, Necro Bang-out, Howling, Sniveling, Howling, Asking, Garrote Throttling, Sniveling, Assets Have fun, Bod Views, Sole Views.

Peachy Keen Films-Fatal Knowledge

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