Peachy Keen Films-Fatal Destination

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Fatal Destinationю Starring Ginger

Ginger at Nineteen was doing pretty excellent for herself. She had a superb job as an accounting aide at a medium size company. She just got a lovely used car the other day. And, she just got invited to a soiree...a ultra-cute way to end a Friday.

She was a bit over clothed, but it demonstrated off her assets well and you never know who one is going to meet at a soiree. She was driving thru an unfamilair part of town when her fresh, used car penniless down. She left her cage phone at work, so she walked--looking for some place she could use a phone.

Jake and Betty thought they scored large. They had been eyeing locations and this one recently had trucks blasting stuff. So, they penniless in, looked around. It was an office--storage--computers....they would take whatever they could carry.

They heard a knock at the door and that is when their plans switched for the nicer.

They did not know who she was at very first, but rapidly established that she was lost and flipped with the plot of attempting to find a phone to call her a tow.

She was youthful, niave. She waited, petite converse with Betty while Jake went out to get the "kit".
What happened to Ginger for the next hour was right out of nightmare. She could never have hoped it. No one would. What they did to her, well, lets just say, her death was the only grace they showcased.
Sate check out the preview pictures to get an idea, but let me just say this is moist, highly emotional and highly strenuous. And as always, I expect you enjoy!!!

P.S. If your only wanting a superb and all the oppressive domination, torture, r-a-p-e, etc. is not your bowl of tea, the is epic. I did it a lil' different then my standard. Besides the wet, raunchy rop being highly, highly cock-squeezing, there are a few catch and lets out which just observing her respond for those moments of reprieve is priceless. As she approaches death, her bod all of a sudden heads into a fit is yanking, then she collapses--dead. The is a bit over Six minutes lengthy, and afterward some lovely necro and bod pans.

Contains: Fierceness, Teen/Young, Nakedness, Explicit Sexual Content, Hostage, Oral job, R A P E, Bottle R A P E, Buttfuck R A P E, Ass fucking R A P E w/ Glass Fuck stick, Rectal R A P E, Cootchie Eating, Finger-tickling, Cable on R A P E/Anal. Garrote , Salivating, , Pass Around, Carrying, Dragging, Gag, Raunchy Cord, Handcuffs, Sundress Tearing, Asking, Sobbing, High-heeled slippers On Entire Time, Bod Views.

Peachy Keen Films-Fatal Destination

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