Peachy Keen Films-Teenage Overdose part 4

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Teenage Overdose part 4. Starring: Logan

Like many tragic stories, this one commences out with a dead dame. Logan Bradshaw of 2234 Mapleleaf Way in Brightshaw. She was Nineteen, latest graduate and youngest daughter-in-law of Denise and Jerk. They found her like this. Cold. Bare. Dead.
The coroner made hasty work as the police waited outside with the transport drivers. It did not take lengthy. The cursory check for vitals. None of course. He took pictures of her in her undisturbed state, then embarked checking her. She was already commencing to go into rigger, but by the time the medical examiner got to her in the AM, she would be pliable again.

He did not always love his job. But some times, as in this case, the slave was notably fascinating. It undoubtedly made things lighter. He continued to check her, disturbing her figure to do so. As he bagged her clothes, he thought about a series of OD cases a duo of years ago. All the slaves died of an MDMA overdose while tugging. He was not sure, but it definitely looked like the case. After checking her beaver, he was pretty sure she had fuck-fest recently. Afterwards, he would ask her parents about a possible bf. He bagged her and waited for the transport dudes.

At the morgue, the medical examiner was about to commence when he was informed that the beau was their to License the assets. He was close with the family and was ID'ing her on their behalf. It was ordinary procedure, but he wished to witness her one last time.

As the beau looked at Logan, he remembered their last moment together. They here messing around on her couch. She gave him a exclusive handle. A fellatio. It was the first-ever. Then, right after, they had gone all the way. But, then the coach called. He had to go, but she was furious he could tell.

He looked down at her cold figure. He had to leave.

The examiner continued, looking her over, checking for any other marks. There were none. ***** had pooled to one side and there was other damaging, but otherwise she was tidy. They would have to wait for the toxicology to observe what killed her. He decorated her back up.

When her bf cut there fuck-fest session brief, she was angry. It was their very first and supposed to be sensational. But, he raging it up to her immediately by providing her the pills. She fresh what they were and was antsy to attempt them. She was always a great girl--she desired to be bad for a night.

So, he left, making her promise not to take them, but she was stubborn and dreamed to. Just one.

After a while, she sensed the effect and she perceived excellent. She commenced tugging, letting her thumbs slide deep into her taut teenager vagina. She was so humid. Perceiving excellent and wanting more of that experiencing, she took the other pill and kept going--stripping off all her clothes. But, something was happening. She was getting hot--not in a supreme way. She all of a sudden went into yanks. She was jiggling all over the sofa. Then, foam began pouring out of her throat and her eyes revved up. She was jiggling and grimacing, then, her life was gone. She relaxed--mouth open, eyes gazing blankly. She was dead.

He had snuck back into the morgue early the next morning. No one was around. He found her and unsheathed her bod. She was so cold, but he luved her so much. He sensed her assets all over and as he did, he was revved on. He smooched her a few times, then pulled out his firm fuck-stick and let it glide into her open hatch. He slipped it in and out, experiencing so rock hard, he dreamed more. He pulled her to the end of the table, then glide his pulsing lollipop into her dead nubile cooch. He boinked his dead youthful gf until he blew his flow deep inwards her. As he backed away his cum trickled out.

He was a lil' bewildered by what just happened. He still perceived so much for her, but he knew this would be the last time. He gave her a smooch and frosted her up. Never to observe his paramour again.

Peachy Keen Films-Teenage Overdose part 4

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