Peachy Keen Films-Toxic Fix

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Toxic Fix. Starring Aspen Ora. Directed By JohnM

2 spies have slept together. In the morning, she wakes up. It was a night of drug use and orgy. Maybe a error. She does not know, but she has to leave for assignment. She wants to sneak out and avoid eye contact.

He wakes up. Watches her. They embrace, smooch. She must go. He lets her with an odd sight on his face---like he is waiting for something to happen.

She completed dresses. He counts to himself--knowing she can's resists. He is right. She stops, observes the drugs and she needs just one more hit---just a tiny shove to get her morning embarked. She takes her jacket off, binds her palm and injects. He grins in the background. It is done.

She perceives odd--not in a supreme way. Something is wrong. Something is highly wrong. Maybe a swallow of water---conveniently on the shelf. The activator. It gets worse. She collapse on the sofa, shifts off. There is a moment when she looks at him, begging for help. He sits quietly her. She knows she will be dead briefly.

The poison worked swift. Packing up her lungs....searing. Her jaws bulge. Her face starts to turn crimson. She claws at her hatch, leans her back. It is excruciating. Her face darkens more, takes on a purple tint. She pisses.

Now the poison is done. Her figure is just ending the dying part. All her organs are violating down. Her hatch total of testicle tonic that now foams out her gullet. The reminiscent of the toxicity leaving her figure as she ultimately turns her head, eyes broad, face humid and purple---and dies.

He gets up, puts on gloves and searches her. Flipping her he finally finds what he is looking for. Job nearly done. She was a excellent boink but not so superb of agent. Should would have failed eventually---this was just some shaving. He will not miss her. He takes the proof pic, then gets her into the figure back and hauls her out.

Fetish Elements: Smooching, Drugs, Poisoning, Purple Face, Bladder Let out, Foam, Assets Search, Bod Bag, Bod Views.

Peachy Keen Films-Toxic Fix

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