Peachy Keen Films-Die Together

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Die Together. Starring Kate England and Ashley Lane. Directed By JohnM

2 sisters visiting each other are passing by a stranger when he offers them drugs. Both youthfull, and wanting to emerge "sexy", they engage the fellow, who offers to sell them some pills if they go with him. They agree.

At his remote location, he gives them a journey. As shortly as one step-sister ambles ahead of the other, he chloroforms her. The other observes what is happening and attempts to help. He bashes her down, then completes his task on both femmes.

With both damsels unconscious, he hauls one off, then hauls the other into the center of the apartment and hooks her to a winch and raises her up. He hauls her sis back in, then continues to torture her with striking and tasering, as well as menacing her sis with ferocity and sexual onslaught.

On the lift---Ashley, agrees to do whatever the fellow wants if he spares his sis, Kate. He hauls Kate off to another apartment and drapes her on an X-frame to wait.

Back with Ashley, he paws her thru her garb, then underneith, finally cutting them off. He thumbs her, fellates her boobs, and pins her puffies. Afterward, he gets her down on the floor. He finger smashes her, then faux-cocks her and eventually compelled her to strenuous climaxes with a massive vibrator.

Then, he coerces her to gargle his dick, then ravages her, then has her gargle his spear again until he blows a load all over her. He puts her back on the raise to go torture her sis Kate.

With Kate, on the X-frame, he plays with her mammories, tongues her honeypot, faux-cocks her and coerces her to climax. Then he takes her down and coerces him to blow his cock--gagging on it. Then, he tears up her in a few postures, periodically gasping her.

Ultimately, he coerces her to blow his fuckpole until he sprays all over her face. He then take her back into the apartment with Ashley.

As Ashley observes defenselessly, he smothers Kate to death. She fights, and even crushes at her step-sister, Ashley's soles, but after a while is dead. Ashley is devastated. The stud unhooks her from the raise, but as shortly as she can go to her sis, he wraps a garrote around her neck and throttles her.

Ashley fights savagely, but eventually, he intensity wins out and she is lifeless, like her step-sister next to her. He leaves the sisters, posed together.

Fetish Elements: Fierceness, Bareness, Explicit Sexual Content, Striking, Kicking, Sexual Brunt, Frigging, Dragging, Chloroform, Unconscious, Coerced Pulverizing, Compelled Cunilingus, Massaging, Compelled Fellatio X4, Slobber, Tazer, Jizm Shot, Garrote Throttling X2, Assets Views.

Peachy Keen Films-Die Together

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