Chris Corner-Obliterated for Pleasure

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Obliterated for Pleasure. Starring: Freya w/ Jigsy

It is concentrated on a violent hitman who gets the delectation of a good, and highly lengthy Blow-job by using the gun to shoot the assets over and over in different places to perceive the impulses, milks, yanks, grimaces, on his trouser snake while he shoots her. It is highly glamour and Freya is epic at staying dead and is so wooing in being shot over and over after dying in the first-ever few minutes.

A well clad strike guy sits on a sofa, looking at the doorway, and the plastic, towels, and absorbent materials he has compiled around the folding table that is also taped up in plastic. He knows that in a few seconds his mark will come thru the door and not even know what is going on. She comes in and asks him, "who the f are you, what do you want?" He has a ordinary, "I nearly perceive sorry for you but I am going to have so much joy, thwerplunk...she grips at the base of her neck, which bursts blood on the door as she swishes and is knocked back in the corner, she bleeds and attempts to make any perceive of it, but he is on her capturing her hair and dragging her on her soles to the table, where he throws her onto the table and pulls out a survival blade, cutting her cords and then middle of her tee-shirt to watch her flawless boobies as she bleeds amply from her mouth. He is tranquil and shared, luving every moment as he deep throats her dark-skinned puffies and massages her slit thru her denim. He puts his knife down and substitutes it with the gun and heads back to luving her smooching her face, brushing her figure and milk cans, tonguing her and getting super-naughty. He takes his fuck-stick out and tucks it rock hard in her facehole, he milks it inwards and out a few times, arching it in her cheek as she gags like a fish, causing it to sense like he is getting a grade A fellate job. He lets her gag a while on his pipe as she cascades blood from her mouth and a bit from her gullet. He pounds her face and slips his fuck-stick over her face and jaws to get some additional sensation, seizing the muffled pistol and pointing down at her lower pelvis in her denim, as he gets his man sausage in and out he stills for a moment to shoot her in the pelvis and perceive the wank on his spunk-pump. He shoots a duo of hasty rounds in her pelvis in the same fuck hole, making it blood-soaked and big, he perceives her budge on his pecker and he needs more. As he fires in her pelvis again she drains rock hard and her eyes flutter back in her head and she dies with a lovely wiggle and she pees herself. Her blue denim get dark and pee comes from her underside onto the plastic, cascading off her shoes. All the while he is getting his fuck-stick deep throated by a now dead mark, that is highly appealing and now that she is ultimately dead, he will love her more. He humps her face and resumes to shoot rounds into her, even switching out his magazine a few times to reload. He shoots her everywhere on her figure he can reach, shooting into many of the same fuckholes numerous times which just opens them broader and causes more hemorrhaging and the blood streams from the figure. After 60 or more shots into her and he needs to suck his explosion into her gullet, he shoots her a few more times in the temple, and pelvis, melon and pecs, as he blows a load and pulverizes her face, popping her here and there as the jizm and blood run in rivulets from her jaws as he inserts his jizz-shotgun in and out. Luving his lengthy ejaculation and seeing the tramp jolt when he shoots her, he wants to do more. The beat guy heads down to her cunt and shoots her in the coochie a few times, around the same crevice, digging it out and wetting the table in blood, pools of it. She urinates herself again. Each time he likes to observe her figure wank and her shoes crush out and arms flail up and down as he shoots her over and over for his own delight. After he amuses himself with the numerous shots he determines he needs to sploog another pin into her so he moves up to her head and stuffs the gun in her gullet, boning her throat truly superb with the silencer. He pulls the trigger once as her head strokes, then lays it down.He takes hold of her head by the hair and shoots her over and over in the forehead before shooting her in the facehole a few times again as the blood puddles up under her hair. He lets her head fall after looking at her, then spunks his last few rounds into her pelvis and coochie, then checks them with his frigs before exiting while liquidating the suppressor. The entirely shot to lumps and broken over and over in her throat lays dead on the table, adorned in blood and urinate from numerous shots and numerous bladder pulls out across her obliteration. Brutish. Figure pans go after.

Astounding film and they are superb actors, wow that truly took it out of me editing all thje Love this it will NOT disappoint! CB

Chris Corner-Obliterated for Pleasure

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