Chris Corner-Knockout Ragdoll Strangle Necro Part 2

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Knockout Ragdoll Strangle Necro Part 2

The stalker who has spent the last hour knocking out, stripping, and ragdolling the fantastic dame in the blue sundress, knows now she will be waking shortly, and most likely upset. He works his way, throwing her around and toying with her assets. He pulls her figure via his, fumbling and opening up out her neck so he can have fun with and squash it. He plays with her limbs and does some forearm spurts before he takes his belt, a lengthy dark-hued, leather 42, and wraps it around her neck leisurely, and pulls it thru the buckle so he can get a rigid grasp and close off her sighing. He is prepared as he touches her, clearing the hair out of the way so he can check out her neck as the belt tightens. He lingers behind her, putting his knees in inbetween her shoulder blades and pulling taut as he spanks her face. She comes to, and leisurely realizes what is going on, she responds, struggling for her life,. her eyes go from nearly closed, to broad and startled. He shoves his soles together, substituting the knees, to extend the belt. Her assets bends as he pulls the belt, and thrusts her back with his soles. There is nothing she can do but attempt and struggle. She takes hold of at the belt but she cant take it, her bod impulses and straightens, her back leans and she convulses and spasms as she leisurely fades from a lengthy bout. Her tongue protrudes and is still as she dies, eyes broad and dead. He fuckpuppets her all over the sofa, getting sexually aroused that he now has a brilliant, dead assets to do as he sates. He taunts himself by going with some more toying with her cool bod. He pulls her to him, in a butterfly, where her beaver and rump stick out. He takes hold of her up swiftly from the sofa and flaps her around as her soles suspend to the floor but dont knead. He tosses her to the sofa for some extraordinary ragdolling and gutless have fun, always fixing her witness so he can keep an eye on the time. He is obsessed and cant leave her alone. He gets riled up and heads in for some fuck-fest, doing the dead girl as he bunches her up, or pulls her to him, he does in many ways what he wants before he wants to fuckpuppet her and witness how far he can go with her limbs wagging. He bends her figure and ribs to stick out so he can watch her spread out. When he has his pack, he tosses her to the sofa again, and plays with her more, snuggling with her figure in inbetween the gutless and puppet. He poses her, noticing he observes her glasses she was wearing at her conference. He puts them on her as he checks her soles more, then determines to leave after he says sorry, what a super hot woman, it was the greatest one yet!

Truly well done, i had joy, supreme to have fun that type of wonderful again, and Irma did such a magnificent job filming this and helping us get the hottest shots, and those fine total assets, lengthy scenes so many love.

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