Chris Corner-Hot Tub Strangler

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Hot Tub Strangler

2 buddies sit in a torrid bath in the garage next to the main mansion. Sara consoles her greatest mate because her spouse left after years together. The doll is apparently upset, and doesn’t know what to do. The youthful girl takes her dogs out to do their biz, leaving her mate Sara to sit in the boiling bath while she ambled them to the end of the block. Sara tells her to be safe, offering she go with her, but the youthful girl just says, “don’t worry, it’s a ultra-cute surroundings, and I have the dogs”. She sits with her back to the door, taking the entire bath to herself while her mate ambles her dogs. A masked intruder finds his way into the building thru the back door. As he is rifling thru valuables and jewelry, he hears a noise and ensues it. He observes the super-steamy bath, with what he thought was a single nymph loving a red-hot bath. He sneaks up behind her and uses her bathing suit top to smother her with. He gets it just right and the startling surprise onslaught makes a giant spill, literally. She struggles rigid and water is going everywhere. She takes hold of at her swimsuit top as it delves into her marvelous lengthy neck. He pulls her figure nearly out of the water as he pulls stiff on her top, making her face turn a rosy to purple. He is truly providing it to her rock-hard. She crushes her soles and busts, attempting to fend him off but concludes up dead, hatch open broad, eyes bloodshot and still wetting moist. He instantaneously pulls her drenching moist figure from the bath, her arms and soles puckered from dousing too lengthy. He carries her to the bedroom so he can molest her. He takes her moist swimsuit off so she can dry out a bit while he plays. He hears the door open and stashes. After a duo of dead assets pans and views, the palace possessor is coming back in from ambling her dogs. She goes to the super-steamy bathtub, noticing that Sara is not there so she gets in, figuring she was in the shower or bathroom. She lays back and eases, as the intruder sneaks up in his dark-hued masked sweatshirt and uses her bathing suit tops strings to wrap around her neck. She is so astonished but she struggles stiff slapping him on the head, unloading and thrashing like humid and crazy fashion. He just pulls stiffer and she just keeps thrashing, going in and out of the water like a bobbing apple, but struggling back like a cat that has been dropped in a cold lake. She slows down after he reefs tighter and firmer, switching the color of her face a dark crimson, matching her bloodshot eyes. After a lengthy thrashing bout she slows down and he observes her die Point of view, then lets her down into the water so she floats, only her head and open death gaze seen. He hauls her moist bod out by her suit top and cradle carries her to the bedroom where he lays her down. He plays with her as he eliminates her raw bikini to match her dead mate. He takes his time to touch and molest them as her droplets their hands and gams, smooching and gargling their neat toes and tasty mammories. He is liking sensing them up and spinning their nude figures all over the sofa, sensing their cabooses, then their bosoms, attempting to assets out the finest way to position them. He indeed would enjoy to tear up them both doofy but realizes it would hurt his career as a petty thief, and now murderer of fantastic nymphs in a red-hot bath. He gets them placed and set how he would like them, but they apex over into each other on the sofa. He takes off to the other apartment to collect some stuff to sell down the road when the coast clears, as we observe their cool figures panned and viewed.

These throttles are so supreme. Moist AND WILD! Lots of thrashing about in the water and such excellent attention to the details. Thanks so much, more customs being let out as the weeks and days are upon us. Thanks again! CB

Runtime : 25min 17s
File Size : 1.31 GB
Resolution : 1280x720

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