Velvets Fantasies-A Dreamy Trifecta

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A Dreamy Trifecta. Starring Sumiko and Sleeperkid

We fade in on the stunning Sumiko on the phone, saying her mate about trio different desires she remembers with supreme clarity…each one involving an evil stranger, peril, and narrow escapes.

Fantasy # 1: Sumiko meets a neighbor (SK) at a cafe and determines to get to know him. She comes in his home and admires it moments before he leaves the apartment. She looks for him but a blackjack beat comes out of nowhere, knocking her out cold. He hauls her way and she comes to moments afterward. He tricks her into guzzling a drugged guzzle. She heads out yet again and finally re-awakens, groggy and bewildered. She attempts to leave but he rams her head against a nearby wall for yet another KO. He over the shoulder carries her to the sofa and liquidates her boots and socks. She comes to again but a neck chop fixes that. She awakens in the unusual man’s sofa, still unassured of what’s happened. Another blackjack beat claims her consciousness as the grinning stud leaves to get ready the rest of the night. Sumiko controls to come to, though, and gasps him out moments before making her escape…

Wish # 2: Sumiko comes home from work, taking off her shoes and relieving. She steps in water and liquidates her socks, not noticing a hooded stud sneaking up behind her. She bellows and attempts to run, wedging her head into the kitchen counter and knocking herself out. The fellow says nothing, exploring her will-less limbs before cradle carrying her out of the apartment. Sumiko awakens on a sofa next to a guy who also seems to be coming to from a latest knockout. She determines to get them both out but the stud attacks her with a unexpected neck pin KO! He OTS carries her to the couch and studies her will-less assets before leaving. Sumiko comes to and attempts to leave but a puny syringe cracks her flesh as she heads for the doorknob. The drug works fast and she comes to. The dude is back and she still observes him as a boy captive. He leaves and she ensues, but a unexpected kick to the jaw from the hooded attacker knocks her out cold. She comes to again and he heads for another assault but she hammers back, knocking him out with her own face punch! Her stud captive showcases up behind her…amazed that she controlled to take their kidnapper out. Sumiko controls to make yet another escape as her story continues…

Wish # 3: Sumiko is a thief sent to infiltrate a soiree in order to steal some valuable files for her employer. The proprietor of the building observes her rifling thru his individual belongings and pistol whips her. She falls against him, will-less and out cold. Moments afterward she awakens, bewildered. She liquidates her boots in order to make a stealthy escape but he catches her from behind. He sticks her head into the door and she passes out over his shoulder. Moments afterward she awakens again…tied up. The guy interrogates her but she’s provoking, so he puts her back out with a lengthy and taunting chloroform assault. She comes to moments afterwards and controls to break free. She resumes to search for the files and finds them, but the holder of the mansion emerges yet again. A unexpected neck nerve tweak sends the nice thief back to Dreamland yet again. Her final rendezvous with the unusual dude leads to him forcing her to sip from a swallow designed to knock her out cold and erase her memory. At gunpoint, she agrees to do so…and she shortly falls into a deep sleep. The stud checks her limbs and leaves her there as we fade back to Sumiko, saying her acquaintance about these unusual and arousing fantasies.

She ripples her nice nude sole into the camera, smirking as she completes the phone call.

This video contains blackjack KOs, drugged swallow KOs, wall head insert KO, neck chop KO, nerve pin KOs, doorknob needle drug KO, kick out KO, pistol lash KO, chloroform KO, over the shoulder carries, cradle carries, dragging, soles emphasis

Runtime : 30min 7s
File Size : 514 MB
Resolution : 1280x720

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