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Velvets Fantasies-Sleep The Pain Away

Velvets Fantasies-Sleep The Pain Away
Sleep The Pain Away. Starring Kymberly Jane and Sleeperkid

Kymberly Jane comes home from a highly bad tryst with a fresh boy. She laments over the gory details and wants nothing more than to leave behind the day’s crappy events. She then remembers that she has a hidden lurk of chloroform rammed away for an in-case-of-emergency drastic measure to erase the memories of a bad day. She doses the rag with a enormous amount of the chemical, and continues to deeply blow the fumes. Her eyes spin and she falls back onto the sofa in what emerges to be a deep sleep. Seconds afterwards she comes to, leaving behind that she even used the chloroform in the very first place, so she heads thru the process again with another self-chloroform knock out that seems to do the trick. Moments afterwards, SK comes back home and finds the sleeping Kymberly with a wettened chloroform rag under her chin. He calls Jacquelyn to ask if she had anything to do with this, but for once that isn’t the case. The cute Miss Jane proceeds to wake up groggily, praying SK to keep her unconscious. All she wants is sleep, so the knightly SK determined to help her any way he can. He determines to have some joy of her own, calming her of her sundress and making her more comfy as he carries around the apartment in inbetween knockouts…finding the ideally convenient stance for the sleeping ultra-cutie. She proceeds to wake up until he eventually grants her desire across an extended chloroforming that leaves her in a deep state of unconsciousness. He picks her gutless bod over his shoulder and carries her away to the bedroom as she (and the camera) fades into darkness.

This flick contains self-chloroform KO, sleeper hold KO, blackjack KO, drowsy splatter KO, neck tweak KO, dust mask with dump KO, over the shoulder carries, cradle carry, rag dolling

Runtime : 27min 3s
File Size : 1.89 GB
Resolution : 1280x720

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