» » Velvets Fantasies-Immerse Yourself With Coco Part 2

Necro Porn | 4-03-2018, 20:49  

Velvets Fantasies-Immerse Yourself With Coco Part 2

Velvets Fantasies-Immerse Yourself With Coco Part 2
Immerse Yourself With Coco Part 2

Our story resumes with Coco and you sitting on her couch as she thanks you for saving her from the hooded intruder. She then explains that she dreams to ease off for the rest of the evening and commences to draw a tub. While she’s out of the apartment, you secretly slide a sedative into her guzzle, as you observe from behind the door. After she consumes the drug, you put your mask back on and once again confront her in a disoriented state. She’s too powerless to struggle back this time, and you once again proceed to manage her state of consciousness with various knockouts, unwrapping down to underwear, and kneading as many times as you witness fit.

After entirely indulging in a few different types of knockouts, and letting the drowsy sweetheart fight to linger awake and escape, you use a powerful dosage of drowsy sploog sopping in a dust mask and suggesting her the chance to leave on one condition. She has to get out the door before the drug takes effect! But attempt as she might, it’s too much for her as she collapses on the floor.

When she awakes this time she finds herself in her sofa, and you have liquidated your mask. Once more, she is struck and thankful that you were able to escape the intruder again, and she asked how she can repay the favor. You then softly suggest a chloroform-soaked rag insisting that she self-chloroform herself for you. She warily agrees, but mid-chloroform she notices your mask lounging next to you! She realizes it was YOU all along, but it’s too late, and you conclude the job by knocking her out yourself. Looks like the drowsy joy with Coco won’t be completing up anytime soon…

This vid contains drugged swallow KO, taunting with pawing arm strangle KO, injection needle muzzy KO, dust mask with burst KO, chloroform KO, restrain bondage, booty spanks, fondling, facehole have fun, bod flipping, gutless limb manipulation

Runtime : 23min 52s
File Size : 1.24 GB
Resolution : 1280x720

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