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Necro Porn | 4-03-2018, 20:40  

Velvets Fantasies-Hooting Over Hosiery

Velvets Fantasies-Hooting Over Hosiery
Hooting Over Hosiery. Starring Sumiko and Nicole Oring

We fade in on the super-cute Sumiko in a purrfectly taut Fun bags costume, preparing for a Halloween soiree with her roomie Nicole Oring. Nicole ambles in wearing the same garment, though, sparking an discussion that leads to both gals swearing to switch in order to avoid farther conflict. Still angry, Sumiko detects a bag of knockout weaponry left by her mate and determines to take matters into her own mitts. She attacks Nicole and scores a chloroform KO, but Sumiko’s roomy is no slouch…she recovers and attacks, sparking off a mad and slutty back and forward KO-fest that includes demeaning KO poses and strip-downs for BOTH dolls amidst the drowsy chaos, until a final taser onslaught leaves one damsel out cold…and the other carrying her away in a flawless over the shoulder carry. It looks like only one of these chicks is going to the soiree tonight while the other gets to sleep it off!

This vid contains chloroform KOs, gas mask KOs, dark-hued masturbate KOs, dual burst KOs, gasp out KO, assets scissors/sleeper hold KO, hair gasp KO, taser KO, abjecting postures, bum smacks, face sitting, over the shoulder carry

Runtime : 23min 55s
File Size : 1.33 GB
Resolution : 1280x720

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Velvets Fantasies-Hooting Over Hosiery.mp4 - 1.3 GB

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