Peachy Keen Films-Under My Control

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Under My Control. Starring Ashley Lane. Directed By JohnM

The villain, Hydra, has been seized by the Justice League and positioned in a secure box. Stargirl heads to give him a pice of her mind, but this is the opportunity that he has been waiting for. As strenuous as Stargirl is, she has no defense against the mind manage powers of Hydra. With but a ordinary pocket observe, he has her transfixed and under his manage. To be confident he has succeeded in fetching her, he tests her very first, commanding her to arch over so he can admire her hard, chubby booty beneath her scandalously brief miniskirt. Next, he orders her to take hold of and squash her udders, to run her palms thru her velvety, ash-blonde hair and to crawl on the couch like a wanton mega-slut. When she obeys with every one of his lustful guidelines, he determines to go even farther, to strength her to jack for him, her most personal and individual activity of sexiness on showcase for his amusement.
Lounging back, she stretches her lengthy gams and touches herself thru her taut, crimson underpants, breath coming swifter as she senses the rush of blood to her genitals. Delighted to make her perform this shameless fuck-a-thon activity in front of one of her hated nemesis, he tells her to pull her undies to the side so he can watch rosy poon, hairless nude and full salute with enlivenment. Then, he thinks Уfuck itФ, and tells her to take them off. Unclothing for him, she proceeds to caress her thumbs over her humid coochie and rock hard pearl of a pleasure button, gagging and wriggling as she perceives the strain house deep inwards. Pulling out a gigantic, intense vibro, he forearms it to her, requesting her to use it, to watch her most individual of acts, to publicly ejaculation in front of him. Polishing it against her crotch, she wiggles and yells, throbbing sways of sensation bringing her closer to the verge. When she jizzes, she pops rock-hard, jaws agape and eyes spinning back into her head. She collapses, will-lessly lounging on the sofa, weary from the tremendous sexual vibration.
Now that heТs had his joy, he has a job to do. To kill Stargirl. Arching over her half-naked, youthfull figure, feeble from the strenuous orgasms that wracked her, he wraps his mitts around her slim neck and squashes, gagging the life from her. She attempts to struggle, but her power has fled, her limbs feebly thrashing about as her face turns crimson, tongue lolling out and eyes bulbous from her pretty face. Briefly, she is still, throttled to death in the Justice LeagueТs own stronghold. Hydra makes his escape, leaving her corpse on the couch, bra-stuffers and labia revealed for all to watch, the evidence of her abasing overcome evident to her guy heroes. Scanty Stargirl, she should have stuck with the Justice Society of America.nd slams his prick in her. With a noisy grunt MaX lets out his geyser and leaves her splashed on the table until someone can come take her figure away.

Runtime : 13min 57s
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