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Peachy Keen Films-Sudden Occlusion

Peachy Keen Films-Sudden Occlusion
“Sudden Occlusion”. Starring Norah Riley. Directed by MaX CoXXX

Youthfull Norah is sitting at her dining apartment table after breakfast reading a magazine when she embarks perceiving a tingling, pinches and needles sensing in her right forearm when she looks down as grabs her torso. “What is happening” Norah thinks as she commences to choke for breath and flops back with her eye spinning back. MaX, Norah’s lengthy term beau was headed to her building to tell her about a surprise journey he’s planned for the 2 of them when he observes her slumped over in her stool with her head threw back. MaX puts his mitt in front of her face to check for sighing but it’s so shallow that he determines to do CPR.
MaX hoists Norah’s delicate figure onto the dining apartment table and commences torso compressions as prompt as he can to intensity the air back into her, “come on Norah MaX begs.” But there is no such luck for Norah, she’s faced the end of her story and MaX realizes he’s going to have to live sans her, “I’m going to have to call the people to help take you away to the morgue,” MaX thinks. “They’re going to perceive you up and check things out, I might as well get one last glance myself,” MaX justifies to himself as he runs his forearms up her miniskirt.
MaX’s bone gets taller bigger and thicker as he touches Norah’s new clean-shaven labia until he gets the last of her humidity and inserts his bone in her. With a noisy grunt MaX lets out his explosion and leaves her sprayed on the table until someone can come take her bod away.

Runtime : 29min 33s
File Size : 1.99 GB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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