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Peachy Keen Films-Her Last Shower

Peachy Keen Films-Her Last Shower
“Her Last Shower”. Starring Sasha. Directed by JohnM
Youthful Sasha has just got back from the gym and is looking forth to a steamy douche, taking the time to get her water just right as it’s streaming down her moist nude bod. Just as Sasha is getting the rubdown setting going on her clittie a creepy bare intruder carrying a knife jumps into the douche requesting for her to deep-throat on his lollipop gripping her head and directing it toward his rising man-meat which he props up with the knife.
Sasha attempted her harshest to bring the creep to delectation whining and shrieking thru out frightened she’ll be stabbed at any point. Right before the creep can drizzle he determines to save his jism for her coochie and stabs her in the stomach so deep her blood erupts instantly running down her honeypot and gam. The intruder takes goal and stabs her one more time in the hatch and this is the final fellate killing her as blood flows down her entire figure now and spewing out out her jaws like a butchered brute.
He put the blade to his knife down and pulls her lifeless bod from the bath and hauls her to the bathroom curtain he has laid out for her bloodstained figure where he commences masturbating his man sausage while touching her still moist gash. Becoming more insane the intruders pink cigar swells bigger until the urge to jism is taking over and he uses Sasha’s dead mitt to wank him before ravaging her honeypot pulling out his rod and splooging all over her stomach.
His ejaculation takes all the force from the creepy intruders bod and he lays down for a moment next to his lifeless gimp and twists her nips before getting up and wrapping Sasha’s bod in the curtain and dragging her off to dispose of her body.

Runtime : 21min 32s
File Size : 1.23 GB
Resolution : 1472x1080

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