Chris Corner-Grace X-Seduction Of The Mind

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Grace X-Seduction Of The Mind

Mercy Xavier is a highly mighty Psychiatrist that is in charge of a few high profile customers, one being a detective that has been in grief for using excessive intensity, drug use, and even shooting a few. She has been witnessing him for many years and now she needs him to do some muddy work for her. When he arrives for his date she is disturbed and dissipated, he asks her if everything is okay and she attempts to contain herself but let’s out a no, explaining that she was involved in a murder of her school roomie but was guiltless, and a jealous, inferior ex classmate, is menacing to reveal her while she is at the top of her game. Mercy explains it, knowing he will suggest to do what needs to be done, to commit murder. She begins to tempt him as he explains he will kill her and make it view just like a home foray, and they can be together at last. She explains that she has luved him and now they can make enjoy. She leisurely disrobes, down to her stocking, taunting him with her soles on his pubes, then leisurely eliminates the hosiery plunging her honeypot and rump in his face. He is sprung and well-prepped to go, she sits astride him then realizes that if he doesn’t do the deed now, the whore might scream and they would both be upset. He gets up and tells her goodbye, she says that as briefly as he comebacks, they can be together forever. He exits and she sits on the patient bed still bare, and dials the phone. “Regina, that was not a great idea to menace me, I sent a instructed splendid to take you out, he is a cop, a real psycho.” She doesn’t realize that he was in the hall checking in on her call, just to be a excellent detective. She tells the nymph that she has manage of his mind and he will take the rap for the crime. He is infuriated gawping thru the violate in the door, and leisurely moves toward her, capturing her discarded pantyhose, and wrapping them in his mitts, taking hold of rock hard. He arches down as she is completing her call and coos in her ear, “I would have done anything for you Mercy.” He promptly wraps one gam of the tights around her neck and pulls rock hard. She responds and heads ultra-kinky, tossing her clipboard opening up out downright, bucking and spinning off and back on the couch. He pulls her up and she is clipped to the sofa fighting for her life. He is powerful and gasps her out, but she struggles lengthy and firm, tongue plunging way out, shivering and stimulating as she yanks till her death gaze is blank and she is no longer moving. After she is dead and still, he elevates her up to spread her out, raises her head up by her hair. He pulls her and puppets her to the bed, then picks her up and slumps her culo up over the bed hand so he can smash her dead bod. He has waited for years to screw her and he can now do it. He does her from behind, hoisting her head by the hair and pulling her head up while he pumps her. He pulls her to the top of the bed to give her more from behind as he pulls her head up by the hair. Her tongue slightly protrudes as she is pumped total, then dropped still slumping over the sofa. Vernon heads to her clipboard, taking the notes about himself, and leaving her note with her goal that reads, “SEDUCTION OF THE MIND”, I guess her plans were foiled. He rolls her over so her face is up, eyes broad, tongue out, looking at the egotistical phrase that would kill her.

Thanks Nighthawk, Mercy X, and Othello for making this happen! CB

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