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Peachy Keen Films-Strangle And Fuck Her

Peachy Keen Films-Strangle And Fuck Her

Strangle and Fuck Her. Starring Aubrey Holiday. Directed by JohnM

A serial rapist abducts a vulnerable, youthfull lady, strapping her up and bringing her to his “rape palace”. Mindless with panic, the strapped waif numbly agrees to be a supreme nymph for her attacker, willing to submit to his depraved wishes. He coerces her to disrobe for him, leering at her bare figure, and then to her knees to blow his manstick. Her tyranny overpowered the disgust she perceived at having the man’s weenie pushed into her gullet. Capturing her by the hair, he commences to skull bang the manhandled lady, as tears flip down her face.

Then, she does something to displease him and the boy flies into a wrath. Tossing her to the sofa, he takes a length of strap and throttles her with it. Thrashing and bucking against the lethal garrote, the stud only pulls the string stiffer, ferociously gagging her. After an excruciatingly lengthy time, she bod ultimately weakens, until she lies dead and unmoving. He looks at her tenderly, her death bringing the compliance he had asked for. Perhaps he wished her this way the entire time? As he takes off his clothes, he sneers to himself. Now it’s time for the real joy to begin.

Runtime : 32min 33s
File Size : 965 MB
Resolution : 854x480

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