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Peachy Keen Films-Lure A Killer

Peachy Keen Films-Lure A Killer
Lure A Killer. Starring Adria Rae. Directed by JohnM

Adria runs a blog, presently following the activities of a local serial spectacular. She has an informant in the police department who has been providing her inwards information on their investigation and she has been posting torturing tidbits to provoke a answer from the fantastic. It worked just a tiny too well. As she sits at her computer, in the supposed safety of her own home, the murderer sneaks up behind her and pulls a plastic bag over her head. She fights to sigh, as the clear plastic is limited tightly against her face, and briefly passes out.

When she awakens, she is on the sofa, bare except for a dark-hued garter belt and tights, wrists and ankles tied with string and a ball gag in her hatch. The jaw-dropping attempts to intimidate her into handing over her files, but he hasn’t counted on one thing. Adria is into serial killers and dangerous practices, her introduce situation making her humid and horny! Suggesting her bod, they fall into a furious plenty of of skin and passion. As they are smashing, he takes a length of rope, wraps it around her neck and pulls it taut, which is how he finds out her enjoy of gagging and breath have fun.

A sick idea comes to his mind. He makes Adria stand on a tabouret, while he places a noose around her neck. There she is toughly fingerblasted, made to spunk with a hitachi and ordered to finger herself. At the point of climax, she leaps off the stool, the noose straining around her facehole. Her almost nude bod spasms and dances, tongue lolling from her jaws as yam-sized string throttles her. The fellow observes with detached interest, noting the slowing of her fights, until she is gutless, flapping languidly at the end of the noose. He cuts her down, satisfied with how the night is progressing. Looking down at her stunning corpse, he pulls his stiffening weenie out; now it’s time for him to cum.

Runtime : 36min 15s
File Size : 1.34 GB
Resolution : 854x480

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