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Peachy Keen Films-Inside Stalker

Peachy Keen Films-Inside Stalker
Inside Stalker. Starring Adria Rae. Directed by JohnM
A stunning, youthful female is out of town on biz. After a active day, she loosens in her motel apartment, unsuspicious that a decided stalker has battered in. From his stashing place, he glimpses out, eyeing her liquidate her high-heels and rubdown her stocking-covered soles, her brief miniskirt railing up high enough to uncover her underpants. Stealthily, he glides from his concealment and grips her from behind, pressing a chloroform wettened rag over her face. When she awakens, her palms and gams have been strapped cock-squeezing, a gag positioned over her facehole.

Vulnerable, she pleads the guy not to hurt her, but he knows what he wants, and he will not be denied. Brandishing a knife, he slices her clothes from her writhing bod. In the fierce ordeal that goes after, she is banged by force and broken, her anguished whines only titillating her attacker more. For her final moments, the boy throttles her with a length of string, while cruelly pummeling her from behind, his stabbing shoves and searing lungs that last things she will ever sense. Even death does not stop the deranged wonderful, her lifeless assets becoming his intimate penetrate fucktoy. After he is done, all that will stay of the saucy doll is a cracked, cum-covered corpse, the awful gig of ferocity left for housekeeping to find.

Runtime : 29min 45s
File Size : 841 MB
Resolution : 854x480

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