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Psycho-Thrillers-The Reckoner

Psycho-Thrillers-The Reckoner

Runtime : 27min 37s
File Size : 1 014 MB
Resolution : 854x480

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The Reckoner. Starring: LILY ADAMS, ERIC MASTERSON

A mind-blowing nymph is taking selfies while wearing a brief sundress and high high-heeled slippers. She is smug and self-confident, and enjoys being a taunt. Her fave shape of recreation is getting folks out-of-control super-hot for her, then putting them down and damaging their egos.
She converses on the phone to a gf, saying her how she plans to break into a neighbor's mansion and witness what she can steal. She's not concerned about getting caught, and even if she does, she boasts that she can treat any boy.

She cracks into the boy's palace, smiling at his low-class taste, and rummages in the fridge, looking for liquor. She is unsuspecting that stud is seeing her until he sneaks up behind her and knocks her unconscious. When she wakes up he teases her and thre***ns her with a knife. She thre***ns him, she knows self-defense, she thinks she can hammer his caboose.

Instead he overcomes her, makes her deepthroat his lollipop, takes her sexually, and knocks her around. He tells her that his profession is a hitman called the Reckoner. As she realizes in horror that she is about to ***, he sn*ps her neck like a twig. He admires her cor*se before leaving her there on the floor.

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