Psycho-Thrillers-The Home Check

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The Home Check. Starring: LILY ADAMS, ERIC MASTERSON

A man wants to adopt a puppy since his last one d**d recently. He is still hart battered but he found an nearly identical twin dog in close by rescue. He calls to witness if she is still available, if he can get her and when. The woman on the phone tells him all this lovely attributes, which pretty much describing his last dog. He is highly exited to get her. They just need to do home check very first to witness if he qualify to adopt the puppy. The stud is lil' upset because he want to have this puppy today. The rescue girl arranges to do the home check the same day. A duo hours afterward the female arrives for the home check. He greets her with a cute smirk even if its just activity because he is irritated. She heads thru the palace, saying him about a protective fence he will need for his pool. She don't sound too coaxed and tell him somebody should get back to him by end of the week. At that moment the stud lose it. He erupt and tells the doll he need the puppy today because somebody ells will take her & he needs her for his life.
The female noticed something is wrong with this man, he is obsessed over this dog, so she just attempts to get out of there, but he stops her as briefly as she attempted to open door by putting his gam and forearm in the way blocking the door from opening. He grasps the damsel by her neck and ch**es her, throws her around until she passes out.
He takes off her to her undergarments and boulder-holder. He puts a cangue and leash around her neck like a dog. She is still out. He wakes her up by smacking her face. She is wakes up and notice she is half bare and shackled by her neck to something she can't get out of. She commences freaking out. The dame begs for him to let her go. She is promising him his the puppy. The stud tells her it's too late he got himself fresh dog.
He picked her chain up & embarks walk her around. She attempt to stand up but he hammers her with end of leash. Orders her on her knees and ambles her like a dog. The fellow has water in cup on the floor and coerces her to gulp like a dog.
Grasps her hair and put her face in cup of water until she gags. Then he takes her outside to go urinate. He eliminates her undies and orders her to go urinate. Then he hauls her home, pull out his manhood and compels her to slurp and deep-throat his rod like a superb gal. After while stud ambles behind her, pulls her leash taut, tucks his man-meat in her and commence humping her. The gal attempts to defend herself, but every time she portion he spank her and pulls her leash stiffer. He is proceeds to r**e her doggy-style from behind plane on floor, liquidated her cangue and packaged the leash around her neck; s****ling and pummeling her until she is d**d. He pops on her arse and back. Concluded he get his box and heads to get himself fresh doggie.
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