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Runtime : 37min 43s
File Size : 872 MB
Resolution : 1280x720

Download snuff video Psycho-Thrillers-SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY

Psycho-Thrillers-SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY.wmv - 872.3 MB


A married duo living in harmony in their home but there is a dark spot in the mind of the hubby. He luvs to have fuck-fest with his wifey while she is ***********. When the doll ****** he puts a ********** rag to her face for tiny time. The gal falls into a deep ***** The dude takes off her G rope forcibly like a rag girl and have fun with super-cute bod then has intercourse with her.
After romp, he puts on her G- rope again and he *****; this is a standard habit for the boy. In the morning, the wifey ***** up tells her hubby she senses dizzy, perceives agony in her pelvic realm.
She ambles into the douche as her hubby gives her gawp from behind and she notices some injuries on her bod (inward things, tummy. She looks in the direction of the douche entrance
That afternoon with her hubby at work she calls her pal and tells her what she suspects but says she will know for sure tonight.
That night before the duo *****, the wifey is sitting up in couch, telling looking out the corner of her eye toward the shower as her spouse is in the shower.
He is in the shower and preps the rag with the ********** He complete the work and going to the bedroom.
He joins his wifey in sofa but after some conversation about how his day went, the wifey says that she wants to go to the douche.
There she finds a rag and a bottle packed with a liquid, She sneakily opens the bottle and nuzzles it and has to crop her head back because of the strenuous toxin. She looks around then switches the rag with ********** with another rag and pours out the liquid and packs the bottle with water.
She go to the couch for *****. After some time pretending that she *****, the hubby does the same thing (ambling into the shower and getting the rag after pouring liquid on it. The wifey pretends to be *********** when the spouse places the rag on her face. The spouse go to **** her and she moan, shout, vow, bashing him as he is astonished but attempts to manage, her crushes. He places a arm over her facehole and nose as she struggles strenuously.
He proceeds to hold down her face and completes up throttling her and prodding her face down into the mattress. After awhile, she slows down. She begins to contraction and has sweat at all her bod. Her face becomes bluish and her eyes is broad open.
Eventually she is damaged and dead by mitt strangling. He check
if she is dead and then he rapes her, rag -dolling and have fun with her bod. He carries her to the shower and places her inwards the bathtub and open the tap. “Can’t leave any traces of me on you honey…sorry.” He drowns her whole bod. He stands, looks at her then leaves with her bod submerged.
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