Peachy Keen Films-Room 1204

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Room 1204. Starring Lily LaBeau. Directed by JohnM

Dr. Whitlock has come to apartment 1204 of the Porpoise Motel to probe the report of unusual occurrences that have plagued the establishment for decades. HeТs enormously active, but fortunately, he had his trusty, and luxurious, TA, Lily. Lily leaves him to his work, saying him sheТll come back and check on him afterwards. Alone in the cursed apartment, odd things start to happen. All of a sudden a dark and evil presence manifests within the seemingly regular chamber, and, before the doc has a opportunity to escape, breaks in and wields the fellow of science.

Hours afterward, Lily comebacks, looking for her distinguished tutor. His assets now the host to a malevolent entity, he lightly sneaks up behind the small blond, knocking her out with a perverse gargle to the back of her head. She falls, unconscious, to the floor. The being now in manage of the lecturer raises her gutless figure, places it on the sofa and disrobes her bare. She embarks to awaken as her preceding mentor is attempting to push his bone down her facehole. Pleading and Asking, bewildered as to why this trusted academic is attempting to rape her, she attempts to fend off his advances, but she is lightly overcame. He skull tears up the youthfull college girl, capturing her blond hair, filling himself down her guiltless gullet, causing her to gasp and gag, massive cords of spit running down her chin.

Tossing her on her back, he opens up her slick gams and comes in her toughly. Sniveling for him to satiate, sate just stop, her trouble only thrills the thing farther and it sets up a brutish rhythm, the professorТs humungous cock spreading out her once precious muff. Spinning her over, he strikes her ill-used poon ferociously, until her taut, wrinkled butt hole captures his attention. Aiming his salami, he shoves the head of it against her cherry brown sphincter. This fresh disturbance causes her to renew her prayers, but she is left speechless as her pooper opens up unlikely, as a chisel romps her donk for the very first time. An expression of unspoiled agony on her face, she fights to cope with the barbaric plundering of her pink hole. Taking fun in degrading and predominant this skimpy, vulnerable doll, the thing liquidates the man rod from her butt, only to thrust into her hatch again, reveling her gags on his foul stinkin' phallus. She is battered, almost frozen in dread, as he ejaculations, adorning her pretty face in a generous layer of goo.

As the finale to the entityТs carnal rampage, it uses one of LilyТs tights to warp around her slim neck and throttle her to death. Her survival instinct coerces her to struggle, but just like the callous brunt on her destroyed vag and widely opened backdoor, her fights are worthless. After a few minutes of crushing gams and thrashing limbs, her movability slow and then stop altogether, a slack mask of death washing over her face. The evil presence leaves the professorТs figure, forcing him to confront the consequences of the deeds that he had no manage over. Even so, as he gazes at the nude and manhandled assets of the cherished schoolgirl who was always at his side, frenzy starts to creep into his shattered psyche.
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