Peachy Keen Films-Nora's Last Day

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Nora's Last Day. Starring Nora Riley. Directed by JohnM

Nora is about to head home from work, concluding up a phone call with a coworker. She just got her fresh job, an HR Boss, and at only 20 years old! The 2 assistants who had worked in her office had been recently fired, one going to prison, and the other was very likely halfway to Mexico by now! She suspends up, she’s got to hammer the traffic home.

As she arrives home she finds her worst nightmare: the recently fired secretary, Miles, is in her home and he’s brought a acquaintance, Javier. The pair capture Nora and start bashing and punching her ruthlessly. They let out the info they need out of her: the elder HR Chief is in Los Angeles. She’s the real target, but now that they have the information they need, they’re going to have tiny joy with her.

They stretched her gams and commence touching her muff as she shrieks for them to stop. They mock her and hold her down as they knead her jewel. Javier leisurely catapults his frigs into her taut labia. They bring her to her knees and take turns thrusting their rods down her gullet. They unclothe her sundress to unveil her dark-hued underwear, prodding her to her sofa. They finger her cooch again and use one of her fake penises to tear up her to climax, her figure caked in sweat. They trade the faux-cock for a big massager and smack it on her vag, the radiating swings of delectation overtaking her. Javier gasps her while Miles presses the electro-hitachi deeper.

The joy has only just begun as Javier pushes a glass fake penis right into Nora’s taut pink pucker and Miles pushes his trouser snake down her facehole. Miles postures himself behind Nora and starts smashing her rump, she finer be appreciative they opened up it out first!

She gags on Javier’s man rod as her backside is crammed and humped and the pair briefly trade postures. They lay her on top of Miles who humps her vulva and Javier pulverizes her caboose from behind at the same time. Tears blast down Nora’s face as Miles is left alone to smash her. Javier comebacks with a pair of cuffs and she is strapped and taken away from the convenience of her home.

In their secret dungeon space Nora’s head is dunked in a bucket of water over and over as they confine access to the mouth-watering taste of oxygen. They bind her to an X-frame and hammer her and spank her, twisting her puffies and hurting her bod. Javier uses a iron pillar to bash her flesh. A cattle prod is used to taunt her, getting closer and closer to her soft flesh and then ZAP! Miles ups the ante and uses a taser to shock her belly and her palms.

Javier fetches a beer bottle and leisurely jams it into her slit, delicately smashing her with it as her gams jiggle in dread and rapture. They take her off the framework and bring her to her knees where she takes turns deepthroating their stiffys. They take turns fuckin' her, including an strenuous episode where Miles is ruthless.

Miles proposes that if she gives them the greatest oral jobs they’ve ever had, they might let her go. She deep-throats both of their shafts with enjoyment until Miles ejaculates on her face while Javier empties a geyser right into her gullet.

Miles doesn’t think that deep throat was truly worth it and unveils a strap in his forearm that is immediately around her neck, gagging her. Her eyes erection and she coughs as his grasp tightens. Her forearms twist and she attempts to sigh one last time but she falls gutless, a dead lil' whore.
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