Peachy Keen Films-Nanny Interview part 3

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Nanny Interview. Starring Trisha Parks. Directed by JohnM

Trisha, a youthful and vivacious blondie, has clad up for an interview for a baby sitter stance. Unluckily, there is no job; the advertisement was just a lure to bring fabulous, unaware nymphs into the home of a bad, bad fellow. The interview embarks standard enough, but something just doesn’t seem right and she gets up to leave. The boy stands in front of her, his gigantic assets barring her way. He shoves her down and begins to gasp her. Crushing, smacking and outrageous her with a taser, he corrals her into his bedroom to proceed rubbing her defenseless figure and undressing her nude.

He handcuffs her mitts behind her back and wraps a belt around her neck, gagging her to near unconsciousness when she attempts to stand against. He catapults his phat frigs into her youthful vagina, making her groan, and then thrusts those thumbs down her gullet until she gags. Her mushy nips are bitten and distorted, creating a symphony of moans. Pulling on her “leash”, the boy compels her to crawl like a dog, then, with her on her knees, stuffs his turgid member into her throat. It’s so giant and he’s so harsh that she gags, sounding like she’s underwater, gagging for air. Trading her facehole for her puss, he fiercely muscles his chisel into her taut, youthful poon, the energy of his pushes kicking her under his weight and causing her to groan in horror and despair. Finding sheer pleasure in her ache, the fellow grunts and crams her utter of his jism. He leaves and she curls up in the fetal stance, massive goo leaking from her manhandled poon.

Next, we observe the girl in trouble fettered in a basement, her forearms badly roped over her head. The stud whips her for a while, savouring her groans, but it is just the warm-up. Brandishing a lengthy, electrical prod, he caresses it to her bod, again and again, delivering excruciating shocks to her most delicate areas. Tedious of this game, the stud determines to truss her, opened up eagle, to the couch. Using a diversity of fuckfest playthings, he proceeds his lustful torment of the scanty dame, who still prays and begs with her captor. He does unbind her, but has no intention of letting her go. Rolling her over, to access her cherry brown sphincter, he begins to push a multitude of things into her cock-squeezing ass-hole, kicking off with his tongue and frigs, leading up to his rock-hard trunk. Her squeals proceed, as he badly romps her rosy pucker. The savage approach lasts for what must have seemed like eternity for the traumatized damsel, but completes with the beast turning her face up, to push his humungous pillar down her mouth, forcing her to taste her own donk. To add to the foul flavor, he commences to jism, packing her hatch with his bitter love jam, some of it to puddle out her gullet and run down her face.

His use for her at an end, he uses a length of cable to throttle her. It pulls tight around her neck, the course fibers nibbling into delicate flesh. She chokes and fights, but she is too powerless to have any expect of escape. Leisurely, her efforts embark to ebb, wriggling turning into convulsions, eyes spinning into her head, until she is gutless and still. The activity of murder exhilarates the guy and he hastily becomes firm again, porking the girl’s cracked corpse, and splooging yet another ball flow of splooge onto her violated bod. Flipping her up in a couch sheet, he hauls the cadaver away, destined for a shallow grave in a lonely open up of woods.
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